Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parker's Dr. Appt

Today Parker had a follow up visit with his doctor for his allergies and sinus problems.
Let's recap: The poor guy has been fighting allergies along with 2 sinus infections since January of this year. After treating the infections with antibiotics, Dr. Taylor went ahead and started Parker on Children's Claritin. We also had a visit to the ENT to discuss removing kiddo's adenoids. The ENT wanted to wait and see what Parker would do over this year, and if he started getting more and more sinus infections, he would go ahead and do the sugery.
Last night lil Parker started getting pretty stuffy again and thankfully, we had this follow up appt scheduled to check on how the allergy medication was working. Dr. Taylor wants to have Parker's blood drawn to run an environmental and food allergy panel, continue the allergy pills, and add a nasal spray along with it. Hopefully that will do the trick. If the allergy testing comes back that he is extremely allergic to things, he will refer him over to an allergist. If none of the above work, and the allergy testing comes back fairly normal, we will send Parker back to the ENT to revisit possible surgery.
So that's the plan! Meanwhile, Parker is laying next to me, running a low grade temp, completely plugged up and miserable. I just wish I could snap my fingers and he'd be all better again. Looks like we maybe calling Dr. again in the morning and asking for antibiotics AGAIN! Either that, or we'll be headed to doc-in-the-box! Oh, and my big guy was 38 lbs at the office..that's with layers and boots on-but wow-he feels way heavier than that!!

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The Knowltons said...

:-( Poor Parker. Following his mom's footsteps with allergies. Hope he gets some relief soon!!