Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parker's First Day at T-Ball

Wednesday we entered the baseball phase of Parker's life. It was the first day of T-Ball!! It was pretty cute. His team is co-ed with ages 3-4, although some kids are turning 5 in the next few weeks. Some have played many seasons of T-Ball already, so you can imagine the big gap between some of the kids. The coaches are volunteers and this is their first time coaching as well. Practice was a little unorganized, but we still had a good time.
This was the first time Parker's ever gone to something like this- no organized play groups, daycare, sports, class, camps- nothing where he's had a large group of kids and an adult he needs to listen to other than family. I wasn't sure what to expect. He stayed with the group of kids and listened to his coach very well. I was very proud of him. I'm betting he'll have no problem entering preschool this fall.
During batting practice, Parker did so good! We've never gone over base running so he had no idea when to run to first base. He was the kid that wants to run to third. OMG, it was hilarious. Also, he would not drop the bat while he ran. When we've watched baseball in the past, he's always said "He forgot his bat!" when the player runs to first. I guess he really thought you were supposed to bring it with you! The other funny thing Parker did was after he hit the ball, he wanted to field his own ball!! What can I say, he's used to practicing at home when he hits the ball, he goes and gets it. LOL. So this weekend, we will be practicing base running and dropping the bat!!
The weather was windy and freezing. Callie ended up sitting in the car most of the time with my Dad. When she did come out and see me, she kept asking "where's Parker?" She always worried about her brother! My parents, Grandpa Bruce, Grandma Lucy, Uncle Chuck, Uncle Catlin, and Uncle Trek, and even the new puppy Colt, all came to watch Parker's baseball debut. That was extremely sweet of all of them and really meant a lot to me.
Parker will have practice twice a week and a game each week as well. If you want more info on his schedule, feel free to email me. He loves having people cheer him on!

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