Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Catch Up

Fall came and went....

...and now we are in the full throws of winter. The solstice was the other day, so I'm taking great comfort in that. I am not a cold weather kinda gal. I'm staring out the window longing for vibrant colors to return. I'm on pinterest looking for gardening tips. I am refusing to box up my flip flops even though I haven't worn them in months. Oh yes, summer, I miss you and want to get back together.

Although these past few months have been cold, they've been busy! Running around for school projects, volunteering, shopping for gifts, work, familym the's all been crazy! For Halloween, Parker was a race car driver (again) and Callie was Cinderella. Cory and I were pirates. We even got to hang out with the stars of Duck Dynasty and Mario Brothers!

We attended family craft night at church. It was fun to see Cory get his craft on with the kids!

Parker had his "feast" at school and learned about what the Indians and Pilgrims at at the 1st Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day was a quiet day filled with eating, football, and Black Friday shopping. I must mention how disappointed we were with the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade this year...we ended up turning it off...anyone else agree?

Our family has also been working very hard at our business and keeping busy with that. Having your own business kinda takes over your life, so I'm working on finding balance. I'm seeing shirts in my sleep...

Recently, we went on the Polar Express at Mt. Hood Railroad. It was awesome! We picked Parker up from school early, changed into our jammies, and hit the road. The kids got their golden ticket and the conductor yelled "All Aboard the Polar Express! Next stop, the North Pole!" The kids' faces were priceless...they were so shocked. The ride followed the movie very well. The conductor came around and punched tickets, there was hot chocolate with cookies, and the book was read over the intercom. The hobo from the book was walking around and talking with each family too. There were "caribou" on the track too. We went to the North Pole to pick up Santa. He got on and came around to each child. They got a bell and pictures, and got to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Parker said a helicopter and Callie said a Barbie. It was adorable. The conductor sounded just like Tom Hanks in the movie, it was awesome! We went to the gift shop and got some special goodies to take home. What a magical memory for the us.

The other night, we had Callie's Christmas concert for her preschool. She's been practicing everyday for about a month, so she was ready! I wasn't sure if she would actually go up on stage, or have a meltdown. She's not one to like so much attention, but she did great!!! She looked beautiful too. She had a special dress she picked up, and I took her to get her hair done before too. I am so proud of her! Thanks to our family who came out and supported her, that means so much to her and Cory and I as well.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autumn Fun

Parker finished up Flag Football....

Family Football Pics....

We discovered GeoCaching, which we love!

Callie finished up T-Ball and had a killer season!

We went to Bill's Berry Farm, which is always a good time....

Got to go with Parker's class to the Pumpkin Patch. Special memories with special kids...

There's been not so great stuff going on too, but that's life! I'm gonna focus on the positive and choose happiness here on my blog today. So I hope you're having an AWESOME autumn and ENJOY this time of year. It's a time of change and transition, which I always love. Love you guys!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parker's 6th Birthday

I have a 6 year old?! When did that happen?! Well my favorite son is now another year older...I always feel a slight bit of melancholy on my kids' birthdays...always happy, but then that thought of time pulling them away from me sinks in. I seriously have the thought all.the.time of how awesome God is that he gave me these 2 AMAZING people. He gets it right every time, doesn't He? I was meant to be their mom just as much as they were meant to be my kids. They seriously bring an indescribable amount of joy and completeness to my life. Gosh, I just love them so much. Okay, sappiness over (temporarily at least).

So Parker's birthday was rad, of course! It was a surprise party, so P had no idea it was even his birthday..he was shocked! I will try to upload the video of everyone saying "SURPRISE!" He was speechless. The theme was a "Magic Party" with a great magician and ventriloquist come and perform. The kids loved it! Even Callie got in on the performance, which was neat because she is usually reserved about having attention in a crowd. We had pizza, cake, and presents. It was a fun night. Happy 6th Birthday buddy. I love you. Hope you had the best day ever.