Monday, September 9, 2013

Callie's 5th Birthday Party

It was a "Sparkle Mermaid Party" by Callie's request this year, and it was a hit with the kiddos!

We had lots of fun foods like "Submarine Sandwiches" (Blimpie subs) , "Seaweed Salad" (pasta salad), a veggie tray with "Octopus legs (peppers), sea cucumber slices (cucumber slices), Seaweed sticks" (celery sticks), we had "Clam" cookies, "Shark Food" (fruit in a watermelon shaped like a shark mouth), and "Ocean Water" as punch (Sprite with blue food coloring). We also had "Shark Teeth" (swiss cheese cut into triangles), and "Fish and Chips" (Goldfish crackers and Lays potato chips).

We also had a pinata, "mermaid tails" for the girls and mermaid crowns too. We had steel drum music playing to make it seem more tropical. There were tiki torches and a bubble machine as well. I made some "jellyfish" that hung from the ceiling and those tissue puff poms. Thanks pinterest!

The biggest hit of the party though was the water slide/bouce house! The kids LOVED that thing. Callie wouldn't get in though, she just wanted to play with all her toys and did not want to get wet! Her guests really enjoyed it though. I wish I had one all summer long!

Callie's main gift from us was her own Go Kart! She is having a blast with it!! Parker's getting some turns too.

As my little lady turns 5, I thought I would share some of her favorite things: She still loves Taylor Swift, her favorite food is "chicken on a bone" and noodles from Panda Express. Her favorite color is purple and pink. Favorite animal is a giraffe and a panda. Her favorite thing to do is to play with her Teddy and have "Taylor Swift Salon" where she will do your hair and makeup beautifully. She likes to watch Lalaloopsy, TroTro, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. She plays on the computer- "nail games". Callie likes to talk in the third person all the time and it's hilarious. This past year, she's lost teeth, no more training wheels, and likes to pick out her own clothes (about 4 outfit changes a day people!) She wears a size 6 slim pants, and a small shirt. She's tall and skinny, every woman's dream! Girlfriend loves her footie pajamas too, which she calls her "warmfoots" will be 90 degrees out and she has those things on. Oh, and sadly, her father has turned her into a Seahawks fan. We will be setting up a foundation to help other kids afflicted with this illness.

Callie is sensitive, but tough. She makes us laugh all the time with her warped sense of humor and crazy things she says. She will probably be a comedy writer someday. Or maybe just a crazy mom who tortures her children.... don't know where she is getting this from.

Happy Birthday my love!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The First Day of School

School is underway already and I thought I would share some adorable pictures of Parker and Callie.

Parker started Kindergarten this year! It's been a big change from my mom and me "homeschooling" the kids for preschool, but he loves it! I must say I did get a teary after walking away from the school and driving away. Cory and Callie were laughing at me. Callie later told Parker, "did you know mommy was crying because she wants us to stay little forever?!" I get picked on in this family I tell ya! When Parker realized he's going to have to go to school everyday, he got worried and said "But when will I get to hang out with you?!" Aaaaahhh, just melt my heart right now. I love that boy. It seems like everything is going smoothly though, and other than being pretty tired in the afternoon, he's really adjusting well. He's making friends and is always eager to show me his work. It's like pulling teeth to get the kid to share about school with me. He's a man of few words like his Daddy I guess.

"I want to be a Fireman when I grow up!"

My big boy's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Waiting in line for the bell to ring.

Running out of class, happy to see us.

Callie had her first day of preschool the following week. We have a deal this school year that if she can make it the school year with no crying or tears, no whining the night before about going to school the next day- we will get her a tiny little teacup puppy. I guess she thought Scout was going to stay little forever...yeah, he's a horse- not gonna happen girlie. So little Ms. is holding strong. No tears, no whining. She actually says she loves school and asks when she gets to go back. I think this teacher is a much better fit for her. Callie's even made another little friend in class and it's very sweet.

When I grow up I want to be a Chef!

Mom and me picture

Daddy and me picture

Best Buds.

A sign the teacher put up outside of the door.

My big preschooler!

My kids are growing up! Callie goes to class twice a week and Parker 5 days. On those 2 days when I'm by myself, I get to clean the house, go grocery shopping, run errands that I've been putting off, or work on craft projects I've wanted to do, and I'm not going to lie, it's been really nice. But come 11:30, I'm missing my babies and ready to have a crazy house again. It's a whole new chapter in our lives.