Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Break is OVER!

Well this summer was awesome! I must say, we got a lot done and did a lot of fun things. Here's a recap!

Went camping on the Oregon Coast and had a blast! The first day was windy and cold, but the rest of the week was sunny and perfect! No wind at the Pacific Northwest beach is pretty rare, so we got lucky! Our luck ran out when we got a flat tire on the way home on the trailer, but Grandpa got us all fixed up again and we made it home safe!

Went to the race tracks and watched some car races. Parker and Callie LOVED it. We will be going again next summer for sure!

My mom, sister and I did the "Run of Dye" was AWESOME!

We took a family trip to Silverwood!

Soon after Silverwood, I had surgery so that definately slowed me down for a quite a few weeks...It's been about a month now and I'm doing great! Recovery has been awesome, just hard to tell myself "don't lift that!" and "sit down more" It's a pain in the butt more than anything. We've still managed to have some fun though!

We had our own Rocket Launch!

We went to the county fair, which is always a good time.

Cory's baseball team made it to regionals, and was even the number 1 seed going in. I'm so proud of him that he took a team that far on his first year at this level of coaching! Baseball coaching is very time consuming, and a sacrifice for the whole family, but we love cheering on the Bandits and watching Cory do something he loves.

There were many park stops, baseballs hit, basketballs shot, swims in the pools, library visits, and ice cream treats. It was such a great summer! Onto the school year!