Monday, October 10, 2011

The Cupcake Classic Virtual Race

I'm all signed up for Run With Jess' Cupcake Classic Virtual Race!!

Jess is hosting a 3.7 virtual race in celebration of her 37th birthday. Go check it out and sign up!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Football Camp 2011

Fantasy football 2026 I will be drafting this guy.

Parker Stemp!!!

Okay maybe not. But Saturday was Parker's football debut and he did great! There is a 2 day flag football camp through the YMCA and Parker, his cousin Brady, and buddy Parker (yes, we have 2 Parkers in the bunch) rocked it!

They focused on running and catching flags, throwing, hiking, and running with the football this week. Next week will be more skills practice and a little game. So cute. 3 and 4 year olds playing football? I am there.

Parker did awesome. He listened so well and I was so impressed. Preschool has made such a difference with him following directions and paying attention. Football wise, he did good too. He said hiking and running were his favorite parts.

Later that evening, we headed over to the grid kids field where Uncle Chase and Uncle Chuck are coaches. I thought Parker would love to see older kids (7-8 yr olds) play football. Turns out, he was just interested in playing with his sister and cousin Avah. Oh well. It was cool to see Chase coach and those little guys are so cute in all their gear. That's him in the white/grew sweatshirt. Go Coach!

For now, an hour every Saturday is plenty of football for my little guy.

Running With No Music

I am a run with my Ipod kinda gal. It's my BFF while running.

I can run with out my garmin. I cannot run without my Ipod. If I am forced to, I get instantly angry. She-beast style.

So imagine my meltdown when I went running on Friday when I about 2 minutes in, bebopping along to Pink when .... SILENCE... My Ipod died. I instantly dropped to my knees and shoock my fists at the sky, asking God "WHY!!??"

My Ipod is old. I have to charge it pretty much after each use. I should have known to check it before heading out the door. This is what happens when you are lazy and only run 1-2 times a week. You forget to check on your running BFF.

I was only 2 minutes into a 45 minute run. I can't do this! Another minute passed and I was already bored. Nothing to think about besides my need for oxygen, and making up stories in my head about the people I was passing on the trail. Does anyone else do that?

A few more minutes passed and hey, this isn't so bad. FYI, I am not one of those people who can think about their life, their problems, or plans for the week while I run. I feel like I can barely have a complete thought, let alone plan out my future. That's why I enjoy running. I can tune out and NOT THINK. My mind goes blank and I don't need to think about anything. No worries about cleaning, bills, shopping, errands..nothing. Just me and being outside watching the scenery. Love it.

So I guess I learned running without music is not so bad. Time actually went by pretty dang fast. I didn't have the fastest run though. 45 mins= 3.75 miles with a minute of walking every 1/2 mile. Guess that's what happens with no Kanye to pump me up and get my feet moving. I still heart my BFF, but I think I will try and run without music every now and then.

Are you an Ipod junky too?

Oh, and I promise to get some more pics up on this blog. I've been bad about carrying my camera with me. Bad Blogger!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Cory

October rings in with Cory's birthday. October 1st. We played it pretty low key this year. We had plans to hike Mt. Si, but things kinda fell apart. We decided to hang out and have a more laid back kind of day. At least for me and the kids. Cory was super busy trying to launch his new business..a clothing line!


Yes, it is named after our son. Yes, we eventually want to start a seperate line named after our daughter.

This clothing line has some super cute stuff for men, women, boys, and girls.

So I am shamelessly plugging our new business and encourage you to visit the webpage, like the company of facebook, and follow on twitter. Stay tuned for some fun giveaways!!

September Rewind

Hey all! September has ended and it's October!! My favorite month of the year. We've got birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, and this year- DISNEYLAND! We are T-minus 10 days, people!

Again, I'm linking up to Run With Jess' Blog for a monthly rewind. Thank Jess!


September Miles:23 miles. I thought it was less! I totally slacked.
Longest Run:3.5 miles.
Races: Grape Crush Rush PR, but was a post-flu run, so I was happy.


Monthly Weight Loss: -2.4 lbs
Year To Date Weight Loss: 21 pounds!

I met my initial weight loss goal this month which felt amazing. Goal #1 was to be pre-baby weight. Haven't been this light since 2006! My next goal is to be in the "healthy" range for my height, which means I need to lose another 10 lbs. They say the last 10 are the hardest, so onward we go.


Books I'm Reading: I'm totally hooked on The Biggest Loser, so this month I think I read every single Biggest Loser book ever made. It's always good to re-educate myself on nutrition and fitness.


Songs Downloaded This Month: None! I've been listening to the Running With the Pack podcasts. They keep me entertained and give awesome tips about running.



Not so much of a confession, but more of an announcement..I gots me a treadmill!! Totally got one a freecycle. I love freecycle! I think the speed might be off and I can't use my garmin because I'm indoors. There is a footpod piece I can buy to go along with the garmin for indoor running, but it's like $40. I'm think Santa might have to bring me that one.


-Have the best vacation EVER!
-Enjoy Parker's last few weeks being 3.
-Get all our fall cleaning things done (clean gutters, put patio furniture away, and all that yucky stuff.)
-Run 3 times a week.

Happy October!