Sunday, October 9, 2011

Running With No Music

I am a run with my Ipod kinda gal. It's my BFF while running.

I can run with out my garmin. I cannot run without my Ipod. If I am forced to, I get instantly angry. She-beast style.

So imagine my meltdown when I went running on Friday when I about 2 minutes in, bebopping along to Pink when .... SILENCE... My Ipod died. I instantly dropped to my knees and shoock my fists at the sky, asking God "WHY!!??"

My Ipod is old. I have to charge it pretty much after each use. I should have known to check it before heading out the door. This is what happens when you are lazy and only run 1-2 times a week. You forget to check on your running BFF.

I was only 2 minutes into a 45 minute run. I can't do this! Another minute passed and I was already bored. Nothing to think about besides my need for oxygen, and making up stories in my head about the people I was passing on the trail. Does anyone else do that?

A few more minutes passed and hey, this isn't so bad. FYI, I am not one of those people who can think about their life, their problems, or plans for the week while I run. I feel like I can barely have a complete thought, let alone plan out my future. That's why I enjoy running. I can tune out and NOT THINK. My mind goes blank and I don't need to think about anything. No worries about cleaning, bills, shopping, errands..nothing. Just me and being outside watching the scenery. Love it.

So I guess I learned running without music is not so bad. Time actually went by pretty dang fast. I didn't have the fastest run though. 45 mins= 3.75 miles with a minute of walking every 1/2 mile. Guess that's what happens with no Kanye to pump me up and get my feet moving. I still heart my BFF, but I think I will try and run without music every now and then.

Are you an Ipod junky too?

Oh, and I promise to get some more pics up on this blog. I've been bad about carrying my camera with me. Bad Blogger!

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MrsQ said...

I ran with music for the first time in several months this weekend... I think it definitely helped push me a little more. I'm planning on running with music more this winter, mostly because a lot of my running will be on the treadmill and I will go absolutely crazy if I have to run on the 'mill in total silence. lol