Friday, July 20, 2012

Cross Training: Biking

Last night I had my first "real" bike ride for exercise. I rode with my sister and 2 friends from work. It was a 10.8 mile ride along the river. It look us about an hour and 15 minutes, but we took lots of breaks and even sat on a bench for awhile to rest our behinds.
I really don't have a fancy bike. I think it was the blue light special at WalMart.It does the job though so I don't mind. My sister and I bought the same helmet without knowing and noticed we have the same bike, just different colors. Weird, huh?! We must be on the same wavelength or something. I actually found biking to be much easier than running. My butt is the only thing that is super sore today. It hurts to sit down! I think I'll get used to it though (along with some padded shorts!) and will try to incorporate more biking into my exercise routine.

Monday, July 16, 2012


I ran in a local 5k the other night called "Run From the Cops" to benefit the Special Olympics. I ran with my mom, sister, and an old friend from my childhood. They shut down a major road in our area at midnight and cops were everywhere! We made shirts that said "D.O.C." ("Department of Corrections")to help us get in the spirit. There were a few other people dressed up like criminals, but not too many.
The course was an out and back, flat run. It was nice that it was on such a busy street because there was a lot to look at. A local bar on the route was even having a jello wrestling contest outside! There were a fair amount of spectators cheering the runners and walkers on. I liked that there were people of all fitness levels at the run. The only bad thing was how hot it was! Even at midnight it was in the 80's. It made it a harder run that it probably had to be. Maybe next year it will be cooler. Also, there was chip timing, but no marker at the start, and I don't think any checkpoints. I saw a couple people turn around before they were supposed to, so finishing times were not accurate for us that started in the back. I sprinted the last quarter mile, as my garmin said I was going to get a PR! After recalculating the chip timer time to my watch with my sister, I realized I did not get a PR after all. :( My time was 34:11. That's okay though, I'm really proud of my time. We had taken a day trip the day before and had just got into town about an hour before the run. I had been sitting in a car most of the day and eaten fast food. Not smart. My sister also finished her first 5K so I was thrilled to be there in that finishing moment with her. I will definitely run this race again next year!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Surprise Trip

We had a secret trip planned over the weekend for the kiddos. It was fun listening to them guess where they thought we were going. Guesses included: Disneyland, a baseball game, camping, the mountains, on a boat... Cory took the day off and we loaded up in the car...3D movies and all!
After a long drive, we walked through the gates and what is that sign?!
OH- We're at the Portland Zoo!!!! Yay!
Going on a train ride around the zoo....All Aboard!!!
After the zoo, we went out for dinner to a great little brewery by our hotel called BJ's. I would highly recommend it. Plus, we were starving!
Callie couldn't believe they had ribs on the kid's menu! Yum!!
After dinner, we checked into our hotel which had a pool and a fitness center. We all enjoyed the pool and hot tub.
I was being a good girl and did a training run at the fitness center. After a long day of walking the zoo, I didn't get my full 2 miles in and ended up only going 1.5 miles. I was still happy I managed to get something in while on vacation. I'm usually a slacker!
The next morning, we got up and went to a restaurant just for Parker...Slappycakes! It's a make-your-own pancake sorta place and it was worth the wait!
The kids opted for buttermilk pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips. The bring your toppings separately so you can enjoy however you like to make your cakes. There is a grill right at you table that the staff turns on. You each get your own flipper too!
Some of us were more excited than others...
After a quick call to update the Granparents, we were on the road to our next destination...
There was a beach volleyball tournament going on in the main part of the beach.
We went to the Aquarium and met this guy...
The kids got to touch all kinds of little creatures..
We went to the arcade where Callie was on a winning streak...
We headed back to the beach to play the rest of the day away...
We made it home late, but it was so fun! Putting my toes in the hot sand felt so nice and hearing the Ocean again was awesome. The kids were bummed we didn't stay on the beach longer, so next time we will have to get a hotel at the beach. They are already asking to go on another "surprise trip".

Friday, July 6, 2012

Missing Aunt Pam

On July 5th, we lost our beautiful and vivacious Aunt Pam after a 7 month battle with colon cancer. She was only 49 years old. She was such a wonderful person and I really don't know the words to write to express to you how sad we are. We love you Aunt Pam and will miss you. I know you'll be there watching baseball games, biking, and running races along with us.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Training Run and 4th of July

The 4th was pretty laid back around the old Stemp house this year. We had a 2 mile training run in the morning, then went to Grammie's and Caw's for some fireworks and food, then up to Cory's workplaces roof to view the firework show our town puts on. Here's some pictures to enjoy! The weather was hot, so we went to the gym at Cory's work. It's nothing fancy but gets the job done. Plus it has more than one treadmill so both of us can run indoors, together! He LOVES running with me!
My view from the treadmill....BORING!
Happy 4th to you!!