Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011..The Best Year Ever!

Well 2010 is over and what? I haven't blogged for 4 months? No! That's not like me! Well okay. It totally is.

The last half of 2010 totally rocked the house! We had 3 birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. That's right. We are party animals.

So Callie's 2nd birthday was a blast. We did a Carnival theme. We had all kinds of carnival games like ring toss, baseball toss, water guns, lollipop know..all the classics! For food we had a BBQ and cupcakes with Callie's little face on toothpicks. It was too cute peeps! We were supposed to have cotton candy, but I don't know what happened with that..I think the machine was not working or something. We had an old fashioned popcorn popper, and pop and water to drink. The water bottles even had custom labels to celebrate our Callie Dee's big day. It was the Greatest Show on Earth! She got tons o presents. Her main gift from Cory and I was a camera. Girl is obsessed with taking pictures. Speaking of which, party pics to come...

Next up was Parker's 3rd birthday. Oh wait. Cory had a birthday in there too..but ssshhh..he doesn't get as fun party as the kids, and frankly I think he's a little jealous. For Parker's bday, we had a camping themed party. Yes, I like themes. Since Parker's a little too young to do the whole sleepover camp-out thing, we just had a campfire in the backyard. We roasted hot dogs, made s'mores, played games. We had the good old fishing game going, as well as pin the tail on the squirrel. The cake was yummy. Fred Meyers bakery..who knew? This was the first birthday party we've had a the new house.

Parker and Sebastian roasting weenies

Nothing like a campfire roast!

Diggin' into the presents

Cake time!

Auntie M and Callie Dee. We borrowed Uncle Trek's fishing boat as a decoration. Thanks Trek!

Callie was hiding from the campfire as the guys got it going with gasoline. Smart girl.

Grandma Lucy and Lukey Loo

Ca and the kids

Blowing out the candles..

Look what I won!

Brady playing with the train table Cory and I made for Parker.

Fishin' game! Aunt Jaclyn trying to escape the madness!!

More fishing!

Seeing his! Now that face is priceless!

A week later came Halloween. Parker was a doctor, Callie a nurse, and my mom and I were their patients. Cory says he was the perpatator who victimized me and my mom. See what I live with people? He's sick I tell you! We did the usual..went downtown for trick or treating, then to Grandpa's work to say hi, then up to Grandma Teona's to hang out. Actually handing out the candy to the kids was Parker and Callie's favorite part. To this day though, Callie is convinced that she is a nurse- not me!

Thanksgiving was quiet..nothing exciting..pigged out at home..yum! Christmas was good too. We opened presents, went to Uncle Randy's, then Grandma Teona and Grandpa Bruce's house, then a present drop off at home, then over to 'Ca's and Grammies to dinner and more presents. We were pooped, but it was fun. We also welcomed a new family member.."Kitty". Cory and I got the kids a kitten..well, Santa did. Sometimes her name is Kitty, sometimes it's Meow. Note to self: Don't let the 2 and 3 year old name pets.

New Years was almost made it to midnight..11:30 baby! That's good for them! Prior to that, we did a little of this:

Chuck E. Cheese!! Oh Yeah!

After the New Year, I did a little of this:

Yes, I learned how to shoot a gun. I'm a bada**, I know..

So now, onto my birthday. Whoop Whoop. It's tomorrow. I'm Lovin' it. After that, it's the March of Dimes fundraiser. Then the big V-Day! Whoa. This must be why time flies..always something going on.

On the home front, we've had some not-so-great luck. Our dishwasher broke, we had a couple pipes leak, then we had a clog in our plumbing that caused flooding, which required a professional.

Oh well! Cheers to the New Year! A little bad luck won't keep us down. 2011 is going to be the best year ever!!!