Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I get the worst blogger award!

I know what you're thinking...where has Katie gone now? She is the worst blogger ever!! And wasn't 1 of her 2009 goals to blog 3 times a week? Okay, well that pretty much didn't happen! I know, I know...maybe my goals were a little too much for the year. BUT, guess what we did accomplish this year? WE MOVED! Yay!!! I hope to get some pics up of the house soon, I swear! My camera charger is lost amongst the boxes somewhere. I might have to cough up the moohlah and buy a new one.
So the new house. You want details, right? It's 3450 sq. ft not including the garage and sun porch, so it's got a lot more space that our first home to say the least. It's 4 bedrooms, 1 unfinished room, 3 bathrooms, full laundry room, a deck, sauna, 2 fireplaces, and oh, my favorite..the laundry shoot! I love love love my new house!! Something I'm finding out though, it really sucks having hardwood floors!! They are pretty and all, but wow, really hard to keep bright and shiney!! The house is so great, but it was built in the 60's so needs a lot of updating. Everything is pink! Pink bathrooms, tile, and yes, the kitchen is pink too. Callie appreciates it, but I do not. We have lived there for a little over a month and so far we have finished Callie's room and that's about it. I don't know how her room ended up getting done first, but it did. We have also painted the living room and we are working on getting some chair rail up. We've also painted the pink bathtub. I know, crazy they make a kit now where you can paint your bathtub! Cool, huh?
So let the projects begin!! Sorry Cory!
Thanksgiving and Christmas was great. Spent a lot of family time at home, which was a blessing. The kids got everything they could possibly ask for from Santa and the family. I didn't get up as many decorations this year because of the move, but we had a tree and lights outside and that's what matters most to me.
I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of 2009! It was such an amazing year and looking back, it makes me want to cry! I know, I'm a wus. But thinking of last year at this time to this, what a difference! Cory and I totally put our lives in the hands of God and we were truley blessed! Our lives are far from perfect, but we have worked so hard and we've come a long way baby! :)
So what are your plans for New Years? Mine are to be probably sleeping. mmmmm, I love me some sleep! I'm so exciting, right? LAME I know! Oh well, I like lame.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Callie's 1st Birthday

Callie turned the big 0-1 last Saturday. We had an Abby Caddabby BBQ party at the same gazebo where Cory and I got married almost 3 years ago. Callie had lots of fun seeing her cousins and they all played at the water park and playground, and ate lots of candy from the pinata.

So Happy Birthday my tiny Callie Bugs! I just want to say this to you...this first year of your life has been amazing. I sometimes look at you in just awe of how special you are. You are everything now that I hope you will be as a woman. You are so smart, so beautiful. You are so kind and sweet, but at the same time, you have a fiesty side and won't back down from anyone. You can hold your own with the boys, and will fight for what is yours! You have this wonderment about you that makes me wonder what you are thinking. I wish for you to continue all these wonderful qualities, Callie. I cannot wait to see how your personality develops, but I hope you hang onto these traits. Your a tough, gorgeous girl and you will do amazing, inspiring things with your life. I already know because you have taken my breath away during this first year so many times. You have gone everywhere with me since the day you were born, and with you at my side...well..we already have caused some trouble! I'm so glad you will be my partner in crime! You certainly know how to stir up the mud yourself! You have sleeped deprived me, you have stained my clothes with unthinkable things, you have spilled, put weird things in your mouth, crawled right out the doggie door, but it so all worth it beyond words. So my love, let's see what this year has in store for you....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm a slacker

So summer is over and I really don't have any good excuse for why I haven't been blogging. But let me try these excuses out on you...I've been really busy? I've been working a lot more? My computer didn't work? I decided to become a nun? Okay, how about the truth? I didn't feel like it. Wow, I sound like a 5 year old. Okay, enough of my lame attempts at an excuse. How about I just get on with it and tell ya what we did this summer? Well people, summer of '09 rocked! AND, I actually made it through half the year without getting pregnant!! Whoop Whoop!

So first stop was to Seattle with The Stemp clan. We went to the zoo and to a Mariners game. We also hit downtown for a couple hours. It was fun!

Callie rockin' Aunt Jaclyn's sunglasses

Callie was traumatized by all the noise. We had to leave the game early because she was so distraut.
Parker, well he just looked confused about everything. Once we figured out that we were supposed to be watching the game, he thought, forget that! I want to run!! We ended up in the kid zone thingy most of the game.

Next, we went to Portland and the ocean with The Smith clan. The ocean was amazing. We got to feed the seals and got lots of shopping in. I love to go to those little shops. The zoo was really fun too. We were pooped by the end of the trip!
Parker and Callie at the outlet mall, riding the rides
The hotel left us a welcome gift! How nice.
Parker and I enjoying a walk on in the sand
Grandpa with his BooBoo
Me, the kids, and Grandpa taking a rest
Aren't the cute?
Parker and Cory feeding the Seals some breakfast
Taking one last walk in the sand before we had to leave.

My mom shopping. Isn't she cute?
Parker was in awe of the aquarium

Waiting in line to ride the train. It takes you on a relaxing ride around the whole zoo. Pretty cool!
Train Time!

In July, we did some camping. We went out to Tucannon and ended up staying with Cory's family at the campsite up there. It was pretty fun! I don't think Parker and Callie liked the tent so much. We'll have to get a motor home someday. Here's some pictures from that trip. And yes, you're seeing right...Cory got a new truck!

We also did a lot of going down to the river and throwing rocks and hanging out!

We've been really working hard on our house too, doing lots of projects. Cory made, painted, and hung some shutters for our house. We also had a loverly suprise in the bathroom. We've had a slow leak coming from around our tub for awhile now. When Cory went to fix it, we found major mold behind our shower!! He had to basically gut our bathroom and replace all the drywall, new paint, everything..That wonderful project is still going on. We've also been doing lots of yardwork like always. We painted our trim and doors in our house too. I'm so sick of painting! So that was our summer.

Our baby girl also had a birthday last weekend. 1 year flew by. I'll be posting pictures of that very soon. Hope everyone had a nice summer also. On to my fav time of year...fall! Yay!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Baseball game today

Districts start today and the Lions play at 1:00 vs. Eastmont at Richland High. Try and be there to support them...we are defending state champs ya know! If they win, they play again at 4:00. Come cheer us on. Cory will be helping coaching and Uncle Trek will be kicking butt at shortstop! Also want to mention Trek got an all-conference honerable mention. Pretty good for a freshman, huh? Go Lions!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!

Wow, it's been a month?! That can't be right! Well I guess it's been busy around here. Let me fill you in on the latest...

March For Babies was awesome!! We nearly quadrupled our team size from last year. And even though we didn't make our $1000 goal, Team Supreemie did raise about $400. That's a great accomplishment considering our economy. On a personal note, Parker and Callie were featured on the memory board and we shared their stories of prematurity. Mommy was bad though and didn't turn it in until last minute, so March of Dimes didn't have time to make it into a cool poster board like the other babies. Hopefully next year I won't be such a procrastinator.

On another note, Callie turned 8 months about a week ago. She's just being Callie! She's now sitting up on her own, army crawling around, and all she wants to do is stand!! She's actually getting really good at standing without me helping her, just holding onto her walking toy or the coffee table. Won't be long before she cruising. She's eating baby food...well kinda. She is very particular. So, she's also eating a lot of table foods and seems to like that better. Callie also now has her bottom 2 front teeth in also. She's babbling away and we love her little laugh! She adores her brother and wants to be everywhere he is, and doing everything he is doing. I tried introducing the sippy cup last week, but she had no interest in it at all besides holding it.

Parker is doing great too. Can you believe he's 18 months already?! I can't. He's walking great, even can put the jets on and do a little run. He's saying more words every week! Favorites are still "-ish" (fish), "off", "don't", "ooooh" (choo-choo)"ma-oon" (moon), "baoo" (book)and "yah". He likes putting his finger to his mouth and saying "ssshhh" too. Everytime he sees Callie sleeping, he does that. It's so cute. Wonder where he got that from? He's starting to learn he can put my hands on something if he wants me to do something for him. For example, he will use my hand to hold the remote if he wants to watch a favorite show, or grab my hand and put it on his book to read to him. Boy, he has found a new joy of reading too. Just wish he wouldn't always pick the same ones. He loves his books, especially "watch out for these weirdos", his Curious George book, his Elmo baseball book, and any book with a fish or moon in it. lol.

As for Cory and I, we are staying busy. Cory finished coaching freshman baseball last week. Varsity is in districts, so he is now helping them with coaching. And Uncle Trek is playing and doing awesome too!! I took a position at my previous employer, Lourdes Riverview. I had my first day back Monday and it was great. I love all my old coworkers there. It was like going home again. I hope to be able to pick up more hours there, so Cory and I can reach our goal of moving soon. 2 bedrooms + 4 people x a million toys=no room! I also am thinking about training for a half marathon in the fall. What do ya think about that? I absolutley hate running, but it's one of the things on my list to do before I'm 30. Plus, I need to lose weight, so maybe it will help kill 2 birds with 1 stone. That's the latest with us. I'm going to try and post more, sorry! I'm a slacker!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

March of Dimes

Thanks to all of you who have signed up to walk and/or have donated. You're helping such a great cause!! This year we have team shirts for "Team Supreemie". They are $5 and will be handed out at the walk. Make sure you sign up on the website so we get an accurate number of walkers so we have enough shirts. If you haven't already, go to:

It's not too late to sign up to walk either...This saturday at 9:00. It's going to be great exercise and lots of fun. Support and promote healthy babies!! Every baby needs your help and you will make a difference!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Girl is 7 months old

Callie Bug is 7 months old today. Can you believe only 5 more months until that 1st birthday? Wow!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We got pictures at good ol picture people again! Well I think my kids are just the darn cuteiest kids around! And why is it that picture time for Parker equals lets not smile and try to escape the mall?

Parker is 17 months old today too. Wow! Is it too soon to start thinking potty training? I am seriously looking forward to only having 1 in diapers. I always said I would potty train him as soon as he was walking so..guess it's time, right? RIGHT? Please tell me I'm right.