Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I get the worst blogger award!

I know what you're thinking...where has Katie gone now? She is the worst blogger ever!! And wasn't 1 of her 2009 goals to blog 3 times a week? Okay, well that pretty much didn't happen! I know, I know...maybe my goals were a little too much for the year. BUT, guess what we did accomplish this year? WE MOVED! Yay!!! I hope to get some pics up of the house soon, I swear! My camera charger is lost amongst the boxes somewhere. I might have to cough up the moohlah and buy a new one.
So the new house. You want details, right? It's 3450 sq. ft not including the garage and sun porch, so it's got a lot more space that our first home to say the least. It's 4 bedrooms, 1 unfinished room, 3 bathrooms, full laundry room, a deck, sauna, 2 fireplaces, and oh, my favorite..the laundry shoot! I love love love my new house!! Something I'm finding out though, it really sucks having hardwood floors!! They are pretty and all, but wow, really hard to keep bright and shiney!! The house is so great, but it was built in the 60's so needs a lot of updating. Everything is pink! Pink bathrooms, tile, and yes, the kitchen is pink too. Callie appreciates it, but I do not. We have lived there for a little over a month and so far we have finished Callie's room and that's about it. I don't know how her room ended up getting done first, but it did. We have also painted the living room and we are working on getting some chair rail up. We've also painted the pink bathtub. I know, crazy they make a kit now where you can paint your bathtub! Cool, huh?
So let the projects begin!! Sorry Cory!
Thanksgiving and Christmas was great. Spent a lot of family time at home, which was a blessing. The kids got everything they could possibly ask for from Santa and the family. I didn't get up as many decorations this year because of the move, but we had a tree and lights outside and that's what matters most to me.
I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of 2009! It was such an amazing year and looking back, it makes me want to cry! I know, I'm a wus. But thinking of last year at this time to this, what a difference! Cory and I totally put our lives in the hands of God and we were truley blessed! Our lives are far from perfect, but we have worked so hard and we've come a long way baby! :)
So what are your plans for New Years? Mine are to be probably sleeping. mmmmm, I love me some sleep! I'm so exciting, right? LAME I know! Oh well, I like lame.

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