Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Checkin In

I forgot to update everyone on Parker's first physical therapy appointment. It went pretty well. The physical therapist showed us some things to do with Parker to help him with sitting up. She had him work his side muscles by using a mini baby stability ball, which was really cute. Then she had him work to crawl and did exercises to teach him how to go from crawling to sitting. He actually did pretty good. She also looked at his feet because one foot seems to turn out. She said she wasn't going to worry about it yet, but he may need some type of little brace to help straighten it out. I guess baby's feet change when they start walking, so it may correct itself. So she will continue to work with Parker and show us more things we can do to help him.
Also, we ended up starting Parker on Zantac to help his reflux. It was getting really bad and when he couldn't stop puking on the physical therapist, we knew it was time for another intervention. Zantac has really helped. Still having small "erps" but nothing compared to what it was.
As for me and the pregnancy, everything is going well. I have another appointment tomorrow, which knock on wood, will go great! Cory and I are still kicking around names for the baby. I think he likes Miley, so that's a new possiblity. I've been super bored lately, so I'm thinking about revamping the blog somewhat and making it a little more interesting. I need a project before I go crazy!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another appt.

Saw Dr. Turner again yesterday. Things went awesome. I was measuring at 2.5, which we were happy with. He even let me cancel my appointment for next week!! I'm so excited!! I still have to go in to get my progesterone injection with the nurse, but that's okay. Also, I asked him if things continue to go well, if I can be taken off bedrest at some point. He said maybe around 32 weeks!! I go so happy and then he said he wasn't sure because when people get as excited as I did, it usually means we will take advantage of it. lol! I probably would, but not on purpose. I can't wait to clean my house again. I keep saying I wish I could be off bedrest for like 4 hours to get everything in order again. Cory is trying his hardest to keep things tidy, but it's really not working out! I don't think a guys idea of clean is the same as most girls.

On another note, my stupid car broke down the other day. We really need it to run another couple years so I was really bummed out about it. Luckily, my dad is pretty sure he knows what is wrong with it and him and Cory can probably fix it themselves. Something about a fan clutch? Oh well. Thankfully we don't need 2 cars right now since I'm on house arrest. We also hope to get Cory's truck back on the road soon so that we can have it going again. It needs so much time and money though. Grrrr, cars! So fun! My mom and my sister are getting new cars today too, I'm so jealous!

My mom took me to get my hair done though yesterday after my OB appointment. It's super short and blonde now! I love it so much!! Cory says he likes it too, so that's a plus.

Anyways, my next appointment is the 28th I believe. I will be 30 weeks preggo at that point. How exciting!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Had my weekly appointment with Dr. Turner yesterday. My cervical measurement was down to a 2.6 from a 3.3 last week (the higher the # the better). The Dr. was still pretty pleased with the measurement though and we were both really happy that we've made it to 28 weeks. This is a really important week for the baby because she is starting to produce sufactant in her lungs which helps her to breathe on her own. The Dr. says I will continue weekly cervical ultrasounds for a couple more weeks and if things are still going good, we can probably stop doing them weekly. However, if it's still shortening, we need to keep coming in every week. So, I guess we are just playing it by ear. I started leaving amniotic fluid around 28 weeks when I was pregnant with Parker, so these are really crucial weeks...hard to believe I was in the hospital at 30 weeks with Parker, which would be only two weeks from now with this pregnancy. Weird to think our daughter could be here that soon!

Also, we talked about a few other permission to float around on a raft in the pool! Yay! As long as I don't jump in, it should be okay! I was mostly sad about when we talked about avoiding another tailbone break during delivery....remember with Parker, I broke my tailbone while pushing.. and he was only 3 and a half pounds!! The Dr. said there really isn't anyway to avoid another fracture except for a c-section and of course we don't want to do that. So, that really sucks. That was way worse than the labor and I'm so not looking forward to that again. Oh well, I guess even more reason to get an epidural again! lol! The last thing we talked about was me trying to con the Dr. into ordering another ultrasound so I could see the baby again. All these weekly ultrasounds are just to check on my cervix, so I never get to see her!! He told me he didn't think he would be able to justify it to my insurance to do even more tests since I'm already having so much done. Also, he said he saw everything they needed to at the 5 month baby ultrasound and she looked completely healthy. Oh well! I guess we'll get to see her eventually...hopefully 3 months from now!! My next appointment is Tuesday.

As far as Mr. Parker pants goes, he is doing great. He had his upper GI testing done and turns out he does have some reflux going on, hence the puking! He is still such a happy guy though and his Dr. says this is something he will grow out of between ages 1 and 2. He gave us some things to try though. We've been letting him sit up after eating, keeping pressure off his belly. Also, we are to try putting just a little bit of rice cereal in his bottles to try and thicken it up a little. As long as he's gaining weight okay and doesn't seem to be severe, we will just let him grow out of it. So far, nothing really seems to be working, but we are still trying.

So we are surving the bedrest pretty well so far...I can't believe it's been almost a month! What an adjustment its been. I think the Lord is trying to teach me to slow down, that's for sure! It real tough from going to mom and nurse mode to lay around all day and put your feet up. The girls from work came over to visit me and brought me an awesome basket! It had all kinds of relaxation things and books and card games. It was so sweet!! Another friend of mine brought me over some baby clothes and brought her daughter to visit Parker. It was so fun!! I love getting really helps having playdates to look forward to!