Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Checkin In

I forgot to update everyone on Parker's first physical therapy appointment. It went pretty well. The physical therapist showed us some things to do with Parker to help him with sitting up. She had him work his side muscles by using a mini baby stability ball, which was really cute. Then she had him work to crawl and did exercises to teach him how to go from crawling to sitting. He actually did pretty good. She also looked at his feet because one foot seems to turn out. She said she wasn't going to worry about it yet, but he may need some type of little brace to help straighten it out. I guess baby's feet change when they start walking, so it may correct itself. So she will continue to work with Parker and show us more things we can do to help him.
Also, we ended up starting Parker on Zantac to help his reflux. It was getting really bad and when he couldn't stop puking on the physical therapist, we knew it was time for another intervention. Zantac has really helped. Still having small "erps" but nothing compared to what it was.
As for me and the pregnancy, everything is going well. I have another appointment tomorrow, which knock on wood, will go great! Cory and I are still kicking around names for the baby. I think he likes Miley, so that's a new possiblity. I've been super bored lately, so I'm thinking about revamping the blog somewhat and making it a little more interesting. I need a project before I go crazy!!

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Cronrath Family said...

I think Miley is a cute name! What other names are you guys thinking of? Glad to hear things are going well for you!