Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Have a Name!

We finally have a name for our little lady! After all this it is...we are going to name her....

Callie Dee
It means "Beautiful Lucky One"

So that's it! Finally! As for an pregnancy update, I was admitted to the hospital last week. I went in for my weekly check up and the cervical length shortened up a lot from about a 2.5 to 1.9 and showed funneling. The dr. decided to check me and I was dilated 1 1/2 cm and 70% effaced. He did the FFN test too (which can predict preterm labor), luckily, that was negative. That means I had less than a 1% chance of going into labor within the next 7-14 days. He decided he wanted to admit me to KMC. I got the betamethasone injections for the babies lungs, nonstress tests, IV antibioitics. I guess the monitor showed I was having contractions, although I couldn't feel them at all!! So, he started me on a couple of meds to stop that. Only bad thing is they are for lowering BP, so they made me pretty dizzy!! My BP's were like 90's/40's! oh well, it's worth it!! Anyway, got another ultrasound that Thursday and I was measuring at a 2.0. The Dr. said since it's about the same, either I could stay in the hospital and wait to have the baby and stay on complete bedrest, or go home, stay on bedrest, take all kinds of meds, and swear to come back in if ANYTHING changes. Of course, I cant take being away from Parker, and since everything seems stable, and they weren't really doing much for me at that point, I decided to come home that night.
Then, not such good news. I had another US and appt. yesterday, and cervix was measuring about 1.5. Dr. Turner was pretty upset and felt like he should have kept me in the hospital. He says studies have shown women do better on hospital bedrest than at-home bedrest. I don't know how much more I can stay off my feet though! I barely move to begin with! Okay, there have been a few times I've pushed it, but I'm about to go crazy!! Anyways, after some convincing, he decided I should come back in tomorrow to have another ultrasound and we could go from there. I had another nonstress test too, which looked good. I guess when the measurement is 1.0 or less, labor is immenent. I'm 31 weeks, 5 days today, which is what I was when I went into labor with Parker. I consider everything from here on out a success really. The Dr. isn't sure if I will make it to 34 weeks, but he really doesn't want us to give up. We are disappointed that we are going to have another baby in the NICU, but it's something we knew was probably coming. The Dr. is out of the office, so I will have the ultrasound and then he will call me at home to discuss the results. How nervewrecking!


Tawny Cronrath said...

I love the name Callie! Very cute. Aren't high risk pregnancies so much fun? I have been to the Doctor's office more in the last month than I had in my entire life before being pregnant!

Jennifer Nelson said...

I love the name Callie. Its so cute. Hang in there, can't wait to see her!!