Wednesday, August 27, 2008

35 week appointment

Well today I'm 34 weeks, 5 days and had another appointment. I had another ultrasound of the baby and she is measuring about 5 pounds, 6 ounces. The amniotic fluid level was a little low, so the Dr. is going to check on that again next week (if I make it!). He did an internal exam and I am almost 3 cm's dilated and 80% effaced. He said Callie could come at any time now, so we're ready!! Dr. Turner also was a little concerned because I gained 6 pounds since last week. He said it's physically impossible to gain that much fat in 1 week and it's got to be from swelling and fluid retention. So I also had to have some labs done to check for preeclampsia. He said it's okay because that's the kind of weight you can "just pee off". Yeah right!! I think it's because we just went out to breakfast at McDonalds before the appointment and Callie gained a half pound this week. I'm not concerned because I'm not showing any signs of preeclamsia and I haven't gained 1 pound in 5 weeks, so who cares if I had a big jump this time? Dr. Turner also loved seeing Parker. He was really happy I've made it this far and said, "I think we've done a good job!" I would have to agree!

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Tawny Cronrath said...

I am so glad you have made it to 35weeks ~ she is pretty well "cooked" by now! They are inducing me on the 8th - how funny would it be if we had our babies on the same day!