Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yet another appointment!

Had my weekly OB appointment today. Dr. Turner was out, on-call at the hospital, so I saw another Dr. I actually saw the Dr. that admitted me to the hospital when I went in with Parker last year. I was measuring at 1.6, so pretty much the same! The Dr. said, "Well, nothing is really going on with you except your cervix is really, really, really short!" He said I was his most high-risk patient of the day, but I was being boring! lol. I guess boring is good at this point! My belly is measuring right on target, vital signs were all good, Callie's heartrate was great...all wonderful things!

Parker has started pulling himself up to his feet! It's so exciting! He's only been crawling for about a month and now he's trying to be on the go even more! He pretty much topples over right when he gets up, but hey, we are pretty proud. I'll try to get a picture posted of him doing it. The physical therapist will be so impressed!

I'm so bored lately! I've been watching a lot of Olympics. I can't believe the are getting rid of baseball!!! I love watching the volleyball too. Does anyone want to join a league with me this winter? Also, had a mean game of Scrabble last night with mom. She beat me by 1 point. Gotta step up my game I guess!! lol! Oh, and I deleted my mypace page too. It's the end of an era!

Cory is plugging along down at Spectrum. We are just waiting for his city license to come through and his doors will officially be open to anyone and everyone! It should be coming in hopefully this week. His sign is up too, you should go check it out. I will try to put pics of that up too this week. His shop is at the bottom of the Cable Bridge, across from the mini golf place. Which, by the way, is not open this year! What's up with that?? I love mini golf! Not that I would be going, but still- that place is like a landmark in the Tri-Cities!

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Jen Burns said...

Glad to hear you are boring.... the more boring the better right!? I will have to check out Cory's shop, so what does he do as far as screenprinting goes, does he do vinyl stuff too??? We get stuff done at Atomic alot, but sometimes I'm not exactly pleased with their follow up. Sounds like your little guy is growing up fast. So's mine, he's what, 3 1/2 months and must wiegh 18 lbs. what a horse!