Friday, August 22, 2008

Parker's 10 month appt.

Sorry I never got to updating about Parker's appointment on Wednesday. He had a really great appointment and didn't need any shots. He weighs 18 pounds, 1 ounce and is up to 27 3/4 inches! He's about in the 10th percentile for both weight and height so that's exciting. He fell off the chart for height at his last appointment, so he really grew these past couple months.
The Doctor is really happy with how Parker is coming along developmentally too. He's right where he expects a 10 month old to be! We don't think he'll be needing that physical therapy too much longer.
The "rash" around his eye and face isn't really a rash, but a form of milia. That's just oil clogging his tiny pores, or baby acne! It looks a lot worse than it is I guess since it's around his eye.
His Dr. also said Parker won't be needing the RSV shots this winter! Yay!! At about six thousand dollars per injection, we are still paying off last seasons! LOL! Since Parker didn't really need much time on the CPap and wasn't on a ventilator at all, his lung damage was minimal, so Dr. Taylor thinks we'll be just fine. We are so happy!
As far as how much formula intake he's getting, we're pretty much okay there too. The Dr. would like him to get 24 ounces per day as a minimum, which the majority of days, he gets. As for weening him off his bottle, we are doing the right thing there too. The Dr. recommends babies be completely off a bottle between 18-24 months, so we are on the right track. We've tried giving him a sippy cup of formula for breakfast and then give him the rest in his bottle. He really still loves his bottle, so we might have a challenge on our hands. But he's still got 8 months to get used to it, so we'll take it real slow.
So it was a typical check-up with no worries!!

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