Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Fun

This summer has been so much fun! I was hoping to keep the blog more updated but well, I have been too busy enjoying my summer!! That's a good reason, right? Let me share some of our summer adventures..

For 4th of July, we went down to the river for the day. We listened to the bands, took a train ride, threw rocks in the water, and ate lunch and ice cream. Later that night we lit off fireworks in mom and dad's backyard and had a bbq. We ended up watching the fireworks from the river on top of the Lampson building..we had a perfect view!

We did some scootin'...

Parker and Brady were in the Tiny Tot Olympics! Everyone won, of course! Callie was too young, but she snuck into a few events. We're flexing our olympic sized muscles in this picture.

We most recently took a trip to Mt. Hood, OR for a little R&R. It was amazing..totally what I needed! Cory, my Dad, and I were able to go whitewater rafting. Seriously people, if you have never done this or think it's too scary, you just HAVE to try it. While we were there we also went to the SkiBowl Adventure park which was also fun. We did an awesome zip line while the kids played in the "play zone" and Parker went on a kiddie boat ride. The wanted to ride the ponies, but when it came down to it..they both chickened out! There is tons of stuff for the older kids to do so I would totally recommend it if you have not so little ones. They have this HUGE slide (and when I say slide I mean it goes down the entire mountain) that we can't wait to hit in the future. We also did some fishing...but just caught a lot of sea weed. In the pic below I'm fishing at Trillium Lake..can you beat that view? I don't think so. This trip really inspired me to be more adventureous in my life and go outside my comfort zone! I can't say enough how lovely this area was. Most of the pics are on our other computer, so I'll post those later.

We've also gone camping at Lake Easton which was lots of fun too. We took the kids into Seattle to the Science Center and saw the dinosaur exhibit. Callie was a little nervous at first, but she got over it really fast and had a great time. We enjoyed fishing, campfires, smores, and watching the "squirrlies". Like all vacations though, it was over too soon!

Other updates are...I got a new car!! Yay!! The kids were getting a little too scrunched up in the backseat of the wagon so we sold it and bough a suburban! It's sooo nice and low mileage and I couldn't be happier. It's been a great roadtrip car with more than enough room. Of course my Dad helped hook me up!! If you need a car, go see him at Overturf. K, that was my little shout out to pops :)
Also, I became an Auntie again!! Melissa delivered a healthy, super cute, wonderful baby boy in June. Our little Lukey Loo is so sweet and doing great. Oh did I mention she barely made it to the hospital in time?! Like no time to start an IV, the doctor at the nurses desk delivered him, and she was just getting wheeled into the room when she was pushing. Crazy, right?! Wow. She's a champ! Anyway, Callie adores "baby" and is always keeping watch over him when he's around. We are sure blessed with all these babies!!
Is that enough excitement for 1 summer or what?! Now we are heading into the end of summer, but still have plenty of adventure left in us. We are getting excited for the fair and planning Callie's 2nd bday and Parker's 3rd. Oh and I guess Cory's birthday is somewhere in there as well as our 4 year wedding anniversary. Time to PAR-TAY!