Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rodeo Fun Run 5K Recap

Yeeehaw folks! It's fair and rodeo time around my town, which gets started with a 5K fun run and pancake breakfast. My employer sponsers the event, so they were offering free fair tickets to participants. Sign us up!!

The run was along a usual running route my mom and I do along the Columbia River. This is always a pretty run with lots of ducks and boaters to look at. There were less than 200 people there, so not too crowded at all. I was hoping I wouldn't get lost on the running course again! My real goal was to get a new PR and finish under 33:50.

The first part of the race was good. I was keeping my goal pace of a 10:50-11 min mile and felt good. At the halfway turn around, I was getting tired. I was having cramps and we were now running into the hot sun. Thankfully, I was able to keep pushing through and finished in 33:48. Met my goal by 2 whole seconds, which I guess is a success...barely! I finished the race in a 10:52 pace.

My mom finished her longest run to date and completed her first 5K!!! I am so, so proud of her! She finished 5 minutes better than what she thought she would do too- so she rocks! The finish line was near a statue and we couldn't resist being nerds around it.

The breakfast buffet after the race was making our stomachs turn, so we took off and hit the parade. What a fun day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shopping Day

For the first time in YEARS my mom, sister, and I took a roadtrip-just us 3. No husbands, no kids allowed!
We headed west to North Bend for some outlet mall shopping. With fall right around the corner, we decided to hit up some sales, and get the kids some clothes.

We all made out really well and got lots of goodies. Even scoring some Christmas presents. I had coupons for pretty much every purchase I made at the mall, which always makes spending money less painful.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

5K Fun Run Today!!

Off to run my 2nd 5K! (Not including the 2 virtual 5K's I've done this year). Parade and pancake breakfast when it's all over. Yahoo!

Hint from yesterday too...I scored some sahweet deals on our girls shopping day yesterday.

See you guys later!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Not Over the Hill Virtual 5k Recap

Whooweee it's been so dang hot lately. I could not force myself to run in 90 degree weather for the virtual 5K I signed up for, so I hit the dreadmill. Here's my recap!
The 5K was to celebrate Carrie's 40th birthday over at Family, Fitness, Food. There weren't really any rules- just have to include some type of hill into your 3.12 mile run.
My mamacita wanted to get some running in outside, so she did her first half outdoors (she's tougher than I am), then hit the treadmill with me. Even though I was indoors, the gym is in a warehouse type building with 1 tiny swamp cooler and a fan. It's still very hot. I managed to get a picture of myself after the first mile.
No makeup, sweaty, and in a neon green tech-tee. Can't believe I didn't break the camera!

I included 2 mins of an incline for my hill and thought I was going to barf. I managed to finish in 33:36. I tried to take a picture of my time and mileage, but I was running and it's hard to take a picture while running ya know!

I was doing a long run this day, so I totalled in at 4 miles in about 46 minutes. The heat zapped me and I pretty much pooped out the last mile. I literally felt like I couldn't take another step after the 4th mile. I am having problems staying hydrated while running because drinking liquids while exercising gives me a sideache. I know this lack of fluids is probably majorly contributing to my fatigue. Anyways, mamajo and I were overheated and disoriented so we did what every normal person would do- take dorky pictures of ourselves.
Oh wait- I am the only one with this problem. Thanks mom!

Happy Birthday Carrie and thanks for hosting this fun virtual 5K!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fairies, Friends, Fore, and Four

What a fun weekend I had. Cory is out of town in LA watching his little brother play in the Area Code Games..it's a baseball thang...so I'm living it up single mama style!! :) I don't even know what that means, so nevermind.

Friday was Corrin's (my sister from another mister) birthday bash. We grabbed some dinner and drinks and ended up going to a couple bars. It was a lot of fun. I pretty much never go out to bars- but Corrin always makes me laugh and we have a good time always. I got to meet some of her friends too, which was awesome because now I can say I have more than um...3 friends?! Oh and we had our own 23 minute dance party in my car.

I signed Parker and Callie up for a YMCA putting golf tournament this weekend. My employer is a sponser of the event and they were short 2 teams. Enter my children. They did so good!! They got awesome goodie bags, prizes, and even a free dinner at the clubhouse! We ditched to dinner though and hit the buffet afterwards. Don't judge me for going to a buffet!! Putting works up an appetite!! My parents and Corrin came and we had a blast- I would totally do it again next year.

While Cory was out of town- I decided I would surprise him with a gift. I would get rid of the beloved binky while he was gone. Not me- the kids use it. I wanted to go cold turkey because that's how I've done everything from bottles to diapers and it's seemed to work for my kids. This time, I've been pumping them up for no more binks by showing them the Binky Fairy video and reading them the email she sent them.
Callie was resistant for a few minutes, but came around. The fairy left them each a gift they had asked for (Callie a dolly and Parker a Thomas the Train). I thought it would be an awful night of crying and begging from Callie- but nothing really happened. Parker doesn't even use them hardly at all except here and there, so I knew he wouldn't be a problem. So now we are on night 2. We will see how it goes, but I think we are going to be okay. I guess I was the one hanging on to them more than they were.

Onto a running note- I had my long run today because I blew it off on Saturday due to the golf tourney. 4 miles bay-bay! I'm pretty excited because this is my longest training run EVER! Took me 46:09 (that's about an average of an 11:30 mile). I did have to take a few walking breaks because it was SO hot. I actually was getting sick to my stomach I was so hot. ICK! I'm pretty proud though because I was able to run the last 5 minutes at a 9:40 pace. That's super duper fast for me.

For some randomness, I'm newly addicted to watching Mad Men on Netflix. Cory took my camera so I'm mooching pictures off my family and friends. Tuesday is a great day because it's when Cory comes home AND it's Corrin's bday AND it's my Friday AND my mom is making my favorite dinner. YAY! Did I mention my cat had kittens a few weeks ago? Yes, this is fun. My room redo is nearly done and I will share pics soon. My scale is broke again. Callie is mastering talking like a robot. So I think that's all with us.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virtual 5K Time!

Check out the Virtual 5K Carrie over at her blog, Family Fitness Food. She's hosting the Not Over the Hill 5K to celebrate her birthday.

So go ch-ch-check it out!!