Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Not Over the Hill Virtual 5k Recap

Whooweee it's been so dang hot lately. I could not force myself to run in 90 degree weather for the virtual 5K I signed up for, so I hit the dreadmill. Here's my recap!
The 5K was to celebrate Carrie's 40th birthday over at Family, Fitness, Food. There weren't really any rules- just have to include some type of hill into your 3.12 mile run.
My mamacita wanted to get some running in outside, so she did her first half outdoors (she's tougher than I am), then hit the treadmill with me. Even though I was indoors, the gym is in a warehouse type building with 1 tiny swamp cooler and a fan. It's still very hot. I managed to get a picture of myself after the first mile.
No makeup, sweaty, and in a neon green tech-tee. Can't believe I didn't break the camera!

I included 2 mins of an incline for my hill and thought I was going to barf. I managed to finish in 33:36. I tried to take a picture of my time and mileage, but I was running and it's hard to take a picture while running ya know!

I was doing a long run this day, so I totalled in at 4 miles in about 46 minutes. The heat zapped me and I pretty much pooped out the last mile. I literally felt like I couldn't take another step after the 4th mile. I am having problems staying hydrated while running because drinking liquids while exercising gives me a sideache. I know this lack of fluids is probably majorly contributing to my fatigue. Anyways, mamajo and I were overheated and disoriented so we did what every normal person would do- take dorky pictures of ourselves.
Oh wait- I am the only one with this problem. Thanks mom!

Happy Birthday Carrie and thanks for hosting this fun virtual 5K!!!


alicia foss said...

Hey! just wondering if you guys are coming to the reunion or not. Seeing how you started this whole thing I would hate for you to miss out. Hope to see you guys there. Just email me if you want to know more.

Katie @ Parker Report said...

@alicia foss
Hey Alicia! That's nice of you that you don't want me to miss out...I'm not even sure when the reunion is anymore?! I heard there was a date change though.