Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm a slacker

So summer is over and I really don't have any good excuse for why I haven't been blogging. But let me try these excuses out on you...I've been really busy? I've been working a lot more? My computer didn't work? I decided to become a nun? Okay, how about the truth? I didn't feel like it. Wow, I sound like a 5 year old. Okay, enough of my lame attempts at an excuse. How about I just get on with it and tell ya what we did this summer? Well people, summer of '09 rocked! AND, I actually made it through half the year without getting pregnant!! Whoop Whoop!

So first stop was to Seattle with The Stemp clan. We went to the zoo and to a Mariners game. We also hit downtown for a couple hours. It was fun!

Callie rockin' Aunt Jaclyn's sunglasses

Callie was traumatized by all the noise. We had to leave the game early because she was so distraut.
Parker, well he just looked confused about everything. Once we figured out that we were supposed to be watching the game, he thought, forget that! I want to run!! We ended up in the kid zone thingy most of the game.

Next, we went to Portland and the ocean with The Smith clan. The ocean was amazing. We got to feed the seals and got lots of shopping in. I love to go to those little shops. The zoo was really fun too. We were pooped by the end of the trip!
Parker and Callie at the outlet mall, riding the rides
The hotel left us a welcome gift! How nice.
Parker and I enjoying a walk on in the sand
Grandpa with his BooBoo
Me, the kids, and Grandpa taking a rest
Aren't the cute?
Parker and Cory feeding the Seals some breakfast
Taking one last walk in the sand before we had to leave.

My mom shopping. Isn't she cute?
Parker was in awe of the aquarium

Waiting in line to ride the train. It takes you on a relaxing ride around the whole zoo. Pretty cool!
Train Time!

In July, we did some camping. We went out to Tucannon and ended up staying with Cory's family at the campsite up there. It was pretty fun! I don't think Parker and Callie liked the tent so much. We'll have to get a motor home someday. Here's some pictures from that trip. And yes, you're seeing right...Cory got a new truck!

We also did a lot of going down to the river and throwing rocks and hanging out!

We've been really working hard on our house too, doing lots of projects. Cory made, painted, and hung some shutters for our house. We also had a loverly suprise in the bathroom. We've had a slow leak coming from around our tub for awhile now. When Cory went to fix it, we found major mold behind our shower!! He had to basically gut our bathroom and replace all the drywall, new paint, everything..That wonderful project is still going on. We've also been doing lots of yardwork like always. We painted our trim and doors in our house too. I'm so sick of painting! So that was our summer.

Our baby girl also had a birthday last weekend. 1 year flew by. I'll be posting pictures of that very soon. Hope everyone had a nice summer also. On to my fav time of year...fall! Yay!


Mom said...

Love the seagull...should've got the clump of hair pic! Thanks for putting that god awful picture of me up...payback is a bitch!

Debbie said...

WOW!! Callie has gotten soo big! She's such a cutie!! I'm glad you all had a great summer.