Sunday, October 9, 2011

Football Camp 2011

Fantasy football 2026 I will be drafting this guy.

Parker Stemp!!!

Okay maybe not. But Saturday was Parker's football debut and he did great! There is a 2 day flag football camp through the YMCA and Parker, his cousin Brady, and buddy Parker (yes, we have 2 Parkers in the bunch) rocked it!

They focused on running and catching flags, throwing, hiking, and running with the football this week. Next week will be more skills practice and a little game. So cute. 3 and 4 year olds playing football? I am there.

Parker did awesome. He listened so well and I was so impressed. Preschool has made such a difference with him following directions and paying attention. Football wise, he did good too. He said hiking and running were his favorite parts.

Later that evening, we headed over to the grid kids field where Uncle Chase and Uncle Chuck are coaches. I thought Parker would love to see older kids (7-8 yr olds) play football. Turns out, he was just interested in playing with his sister and cousin Avah. Oh well. It was cool to see Chase coach and those little guys are so cute in all their gear. That's him in the white/grew sweatshirt. Go Coach!

For now, an hour every Saturday is plenty of football for my little guy.


Melissa said...

Go Blue Turtles!!

The Holt Family said...

Oh man, he is getting sooo big!