Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grape Crush Rush 5K Recap

Saturday was the Grape Crush Rush 5K where the route went around the downtown area.

I was super nervous about this race. With Callie's birthday party, Parker's 1st day of school, the kids getting sick, and then myself getting so ill I was literally crying to Cory that I was dying. I did no running for over a week! I also could not handle eating or drinking anything..thought of food was still making me a little queezy. Not a very good way to go into a race. Oh well! I was happy to be running another race with my mom, and Aunt Pam joined us as well.

Pre-race pic..sleepy!

There weren't very many people running the race, but there definately seemed to be 2 groups. Those people I call "hardcore runners" who are totally fit and run 7-8 minute miles, then us "other runner"...some new to running, trying to get in shape, some doing it just to do it, not too fast, not competing against anyone but themselves...some just trying to finish without passing out. Those are my peeps!

I was able to finish at 33:58, missing my PR by 10 seconds. Considering my lack of training leading up to the race and having the flu just 48 hours earlier, I was very happy with my time. I was able to cross the finish line with Aunt Pam, which was awesome because this was her first race. She kicked some major bootay and has only been running for a few months. Mom also rocked the house in this race, shaving 4 minutes off her PR!! Now that is amazing.

Post-race, tomato face!

I don't know what I placed, but was not in the top 3 for my age group (20-29 year olds). Damn 20 year olds! I got a participation ribon..whew who.

Self portraits are fun!

So, will I be doing this race next year? Doubt it. The course was super boring..nothing to look at and lots of traffic around us. They had us running WITH the flow of traffic too...not very safe... I tried to stay on the sidewalk. Also, it is still really hot in September and an 8:30 start time was just too late. AND the worst part? I didn't get any fun swag. That's why I do these things you know! The freebies!!

I can't go out on a negative note...there were good things. Running with my family and getting another 5K under my belt. Yahoo!

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Mom said...

You put some of the god-awfulest pictures of me on this blog!