Friday, September 9, 2011

Parker 1st Day of Preschool

Parker's big first day was this week. It really sneaked up on me! I was waiting and watching all weekend because Parker got a really nasty viral infection that wiped him, Callie, and eventually myself out. I kept thinking, "please don't be sick for the first day of school!!" Luckily, it only lasted a couple days and by Tuesday, he was ready to go.

He got on our stretchy shorts so there would be no problems at potty time (those buttons get me every time too, bud!), ate a nutritious breakfast of Cocoa Brownie cereal, and headed out the door with his "Cars" backpack. Callie was still very sick in bed, so my mom came to sit with her while I took the little guy big boy to school.

Dropping off went so-so. Parker went right in and started playing. After I told him I was leaving, he started asking me to wait in the hallway and not leave. I explained that wouldn't be happening, but I would be back in a little while. Then, another schoolmate completely lost it saying goodbye to his dad. In turn, a couple other kids started whining, begging their parents not to go. The teacher said once one kid freaks out, others will too. Isn't that great?!

I tried to give him and hug and kiss, turn and walk out..but he ran after me. Eventually the teacher got him to sit at a table with the other kids and play. I slowly backed out of the room. As I was out in the hallway, I heard Parker say, "Hey! Where's Mommy?" Ugh, heartbreaker. I kept going..walking out to my car with a lump in my throat. I turned up the radio and drove home to my sick baby girl.

Phew. No tears from either of us. A success!

When I picked Parker up, he had a HUGE smile on his face and kept saying he had so much fun. "That was really fun Mom! I want to do that again!" For his first day he made a picture with a handprint and a cute little poem about the first day of school. Also he brought home some letter and line tracings. I couldn't really get too much information out of him. Except very important details such as they had crackers and milk for a snack, and he went potty and pulled up his pants and washed his hands all by himself!

I am very proud of the guy! With his first week over, the teacher told me he is doing great- just keeps taking his shoes off in class. I say at least he is keeping his pants on!!

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Melissa said...

Glad he had such a fun time! He will have to make a project for Auntie's fridge some day!