Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parker's 6th Birthday

I have a 6 year old?! When did that happen?! Well my favorite son is now another year older...I always feel a slight bit of melancholy on my kids' birthdays...always happy, but then that thought of time pulling them away from me sinks in. I seriously have the thought all.the.time of how awesome God is that he gave me these 2 AMAZING people. He gets it right every time, doesn't He? I was meant to be their mom just as much as they were meant to be my kids. They seriously bring an indescribable amount of joy and completeness to my life. Gosh, I just love them so much. Okay, sappiness over (temporarily at least).

So Parker's birthday was rad, of course! It was a surprise party, so P had no idea it was even his birthday..he was shocked! I will try to upload the video of everyone saying "SURPRISE!" He was speechless. The theme was a "Magic Party" with a great magician and ventriloquist come and perform. The kids loved it! Even Callie got in on the performance, which was neat because she is usually reserved about having attention in a crowd. We had pizza, cake, and presents. It was a fun night. Happy 6th Birthday buddy. I love you. Hope you had the best day ever.

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