Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Adventures

It's time for our weekend wrap up! I'm going to try and make this a regular thing on Sundays so let's cross our fingers I can stick with it longer than, um today, which is Monday, so already I've failed..:(
Friday was pretty laid back. Cory had work and then baseball practice so it was me and the kiddos! Parker is still not feeling well with his sinus infection. He's restarted on antibiotics (again!) so keep him in your prayers that his little body will respond to the medicine and we can get some answers on why he is stuggling with these infections. The only plus side to him not feeling well is I get extras of these:

Little Parker Snuggles! Any mom with a three year old boy knows this is the age when these sweet hugs are getting less and less. Even while feeling ill, he manages to put a smile on his face. I think his shirt says it all!

Callie wanted in on the picture taking too!!

Friday night, I ran my 3.1 miles on the dreadmill in 33:35. This run was a mixed bag. I had to take 2 walking breaks, but ran the last half mile at a 9:20 pace. That's the fastest I've ever ran, so I was pretty stoked. I also learned that I can put TV shows or movies on my Ipod and watch them while I run!! What the What?! This could change my life people!!
Saturday was spent doing home projects. We have a leak somewhere between the main level and the basement. It's been H-E-double hockey sticks trying to find this dumb leak!!! We are eventually going to remodel our master bathroom anyway, so Cory started tearing down the shower. Who knew we would be welcomed by tons of concrete?! Maybe Cory did- but I didn't! That is still a work in progess..Here's how it looked at the beginning..

here's how it looks today.

All the repairs caused us to have no running water all of Saturday. Our sink quickly turned into this:

On another note, I learned how to drywall!! Yeah, I'm a regular handywoman these days!! I'm taking bids if you need to hire someone.
We finally took down the ugly wood paneling downstairs. We are going for the whole "cabin" feeling in the basement..a semi-mancave for we wanted to paint it a green. This is how the first green turned out.
Um no. That's not going to work. Cory calls it "Hippie Lime Green". I'll have to keep you posted on how Round 2 of painting goes.

That brings us to Sunday. I also went for a 3 mile run with my oldest bud, Corrin. She pretty much rocks. She is a Catholic school teacher and her loves include ANY sport (I'm not kidding, this girl will turn ANYTHING into a competition), wine, and entertaining me! Love ya Corrin!! It was only the 2nd time I've ran outside since I started training, and it went well except for the wind. That's something you can't really replicate on the treadmill. My time was 33:30, so it's about the same as when I run inside. That was good to know because I've heard running on the treadmill is "easier" than running outside. I say, running is NEVER easy!!
The rest of the day I spent cleaning up all the dust from the bathroom remodel and hanging out with my family.
So that was my weekend. It was a good mix of hanging out and being productive. Our house projects didn't go as planned, but I should know by now they NEVER do.
How was your weekend? What did you do?

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Corrin said...

Love your blog, Katie!! And I especially like the part where I turn everything into a not true....i bet i can run the whole 3 miles before July....oh wait...maybe you're right!!!!! I'm really happy we are hanging out again. I miss the old times, but better late than never! Also thanks for hanging out with Bill, Scooter and I at the bonfire. They are very entertaining especially when I took Bill out with my great wrestling moves.....there's my competitive side again...dang it. Well have a great week!!! Corrin