Friday, April 22, 2011

1st (Virtual) 5k!

As you know, I was signed up for the The Jelly Bean Virtual 5K over at Run With Jess's Blog. It was my first time running any kind of organized run so I was pretty excited. My mom and sister also decided to sign up so we were pumped!

Jess is giving away a bunch of awesome prizes and you get extra entries for dressing up. Our little crew decided to be "Peeps" since this was an Easter themed race. My sister was "PEEPing Tom", my mom was "Lil' Bo" (for Little Bo Peep), and I was "PEEP show". Aren't we creative? We think we're hilarious. We had a little photo shoot at mom's before we set out on our "race".

We decided to run the path between the Cable Bridge and Blue Bridge along the Columbia River. It's 3.1 miles to one bridge and back. It was cold and windy!

So the wind was blowing HARD. Had to be 30 mph winds and we were running into the wind the first half before the turn around. It was BRUTAL! Also, my ipod was dead!! I've never ran without music before. This was not going to be fun! The first half pretty much sucked for me. There was a point when I felt like I was running in place because the wind was so hard.
After the turn around part, I did much better. The wind was actually helping push me along. Here are some pics of what I got to look at while running. Actually it was really relaxing to run along the river with no music...Just peace and quiet..oh and my heavy breathing! lol
I finished with a time of 32:50. Here I am at the finish. Oh, a side note- I wore my headphones anyways because the wind was blowing so hard and they kept my ears warm. I know, I'm a nerd. I own it.
And who greeted me at the finish line? Why, all my adoring fans of course!! Trust me, the crowd went wild when I completed the race. It was insane!!! Here's a pic of the crowd..
Soon, my mom crossed the finish line next

Followed up by my sis.

Melissa talks about her run on her blog HeRE at The Brady Bulletin

Overall, the weather made this run kinda suck. BUT I had a blast with my peeps and that was the best part!!


The Knowltons said...

LMAO-you did have a crazy fan base greeting you at the finish line!! Had a blast with my peeps and I'm ready to attempt it again!

Tawny Cronrath said...

Good job girls! This post was so funny! I loved the pictures too. I'd like to come join you guys sometime...but oh man I am terrified of running outside without the treadmill making me go! We are doing Bloomsday next Sunday, I hope I don't die!