Friday, April 15, 2011

Annoying Brag Post

I just have to say- I ran my first mile under 10 mins last night!! Yay for me! :) It was a 9:50 mile. My fastest ever. I know that's a snails pace for others, but for me, I was dying at the end!! I can't believe I'll have to do another 2.12 miles at that speed to reach my goal of a 30 min 5K but oh well! I've got another 5 months to prepare.

So on another note, my mom and I have decided to do the Lampson Cable Bridge Run this year in December. She's going to do the 1 mile run and I'm going to do the 5K. Yay! We really want people to join us so email me if you want to run with us!!

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