Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Parker's First Tball game

My son's baseball career has begun! It was Parker's first Tball game was a lot of fun! It's kinda crazy chaos, but funny. Parker played "Third Base" and I think invented his own position during the other innings. Parker made it all the way around to home a couple times and left on base once. He is the youngest and smallest on his team..the only 3 year old. Most of the kids are 4 and there are a few 5 year olds. During the game, Parker tried to field his own ball after hitting it, which was pretty cute.

It was nice to have the whole family there to watch and Parker definatley had the loudest cheering section!

I'm excited for the years we have ahead of us filled with baseball games and practices..although I'm not loving the weather so far. BRRRRRRR!!!

It's so nice to see Cory and Parker bond over the game. Parker really loves when Cory practices with him and always wants to hit the ball and play catch with Daddy.

We are very proud of you, Parker! Even if we never get passed T-Ball we love you so much!! You are having a blast out there and that makes us so happy. Way to go Bubs!

On another note, Cory's team swept Kamiakin today!! That's always a good day! :)


Jaclyn Stemp said...

Look's like you guys had fun! Wish we could have been there but we already had something planned. When is his next game and what time?

Katie @ Parker Report said...

It's Tuesday at 5:30 for the next 6 weeks.
It's a hoot!

Mom said...

He was definitely the cutest one out there!