Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Warrior Dash

Have you heard of The Warrior Dash??

They say it's "The craziest frickin' day of your life". Seriously, that's what the events motto is. It's a running event meets boot camp meets an awesome party. There is running, but thrown into the mix are crazy obstacles, mud, music, and beer. Did I mention you get an sweet warrior helmet and metal for competing?

You're also encouraged to dress up and compete, which is one of the best parts. Here are some of my favorite costumes past competetors have rocked:
Awesome, right?!
You get a beer when you're done too. What other running event does that?
And guess what? They hold these events in Washington and Oregon every year!!
So, my darling husband has promised me we can compete in the Warrior Dash in 2013..for our big 3-0 birthdays. A-Wheeew-Whoooo!! I'm pumped! Cory's already planning his costume and he's envisioning himself like this:
I could get used to that!!

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