Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running Goals

This comes from an old 2004 Nike ad and it totally rocks! Here's hoping it speaks to you too!!

No one runs in my family.

I am not built like a runner.

My bones aren’t weightless.

My legs aren’t gazelle-like.

As a child, no one ever said,

“Now that one…she’s going

to be a runner.”

I am not a marathon runner.

But, I know that no one

is a marathon runner until

they actually run one.

I love this. Sometimes I get embarrassed when someone who's super athletic or skinny finds out I'm exercising and running. I mean, I'm definatly not in "runner's shape" right now. I'm still overweight so I feel like I might be getting the whole up and down look along with the "hmmmm..." response. It's probably mostly all in my head.

So maybe I'll never run a full 26 mile marathon. BUT I will run a 5k. I'll probably run a 10k. I might even try a half marathon. And to me, that means I'm a runner, even if someone else doesn't agree. I'm setting goals and meeting them so cheers to that!

I've actually met my personal goal of being able to run 3.1 miles without stopping!! My time is about 34:20 so I'm by NO means the fastest chica out there for sure. I've got LOTS of room for improvement. However, I'm very pleased with myself for now. Hopefully by time the fall rolls around I will improve my time and not be the last one to cross the finish line at my first official 5k! And you know what? Even if I am so what?! I will have actually ran one!!


Tawny Cronrath said...

That's awesome Katie! What speed do you run at? I joined the gym in January and I've lost 22.2 lbs so far. Sadly I have about 30 more to go :( Can't blame it on Gavin anymore since he's almost 3! lol

The Stemps said...

Thanks Tawny! I run on the treadmill at a 5.6-5.8 mph speed for now..trying to get to that 10 min mile speed eventually!!
Congrats on your weight loss- that's amazing!! All your hard work is paying off!! I want weight loss pics on your blog girly!! Share your tips!!