Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Hiking

After my long run yesterday and the cramping it entailed, I was still pretty sore today. So what should you do when your legs feel like they cannot support you? Oh, why go climb a mountain, that's what! Yes, it's Sunday so we headed out to Badger for a hike. How could I not with temps like this?

The hill was still kinda snowy and very muddy in spots. Luckily I had a super cute hiking buddy!

We took the more steep 1 mile route today, taking a few breaks on the way. We were able to jog down though, which felt much better on the knees.

With these warm temps, it reminded me to share with you Parker's "Beach Day" he had at preschool. They have been learning a lot about the ocean this month, so this was kinda a finale to that chapter.

I'm pretty sure he's the cutest surfer boy ever. Can't wait until summer is really here!!

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Melissa said...

The first picture of Callie and Parker together is priceless! Love it!