Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hiking with da Hubs

Went hiking up Badger today with the hubby. It was about 41 degrees out, sunny but kinda windy. I was really nervous I was going to freeze, but actually worked up a sweat and had to take off a bunch of my layers.

For those of you that don't know, Badger mountain is in Washington state. Elevation is about 1600 ft. There are a couple different routes. A longer route that's about 2.2 miles and a shorter, more steep route is about a mile. We went up the longer route and came down the steeper trail. It's a great hiking trail for beginners.

Cory would like to hike Mt. Adams this summer, so he is starting to train for that now. Crazy guy carried a 50 pound pack.

My moutaineer

The view was great like always. On the way down there was even a few pretty snowflakes. I'm totally sore already. Tomorrow, I'll need the Advil!

At the summit!

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