Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days + Best Run of My Life!

We've been pretty much snowed in these last couple days. I am not one for cold weather AT ALL, but the snow sure is pretty to look at.

Yesterday we got the chance to use a Christmas present from Grandma Lucy and make the perfect brownies.

mmmmmmm and perfect they were!

We then headed out for some sledding with Grammie. Sledding for me and Callie lasted about 15 minutes, then into the nice warm car we went. Callie wanted to sit in the car and make funny faces instead. She was entertaining as always.

Parker and Grammie would have stayed out in the snow all day!

Today after some playing in the snow ice, I decided to work on the concept of "Solids" and "liquids" with the kids. We talked about the difference and examples all morning, then I blew their minds and we made OOBLECK!!!

After all of this fun, I went for a run on my treadmill. Check out this time-

I think I might go for the Olympic team...what do you think? Hmmmmm....well maybe my Garmin was going dead and had a little malfunction.

Truth be told, I power walked 2 miles at 30 minutes....So overall the Garmin was pretty much right.

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