Saturday, January 14, 2012

Soccer & Running

Today was Parker's first day of soccer!! The kids decided on the team name of "Blue Guppies". Can you tell they are a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds? Too cute.

Parker was really cute. The coach told the kids to "dribble", so Parker picked up the ball and started dribbling like in basketball. The coach saw Parker doing this and told him, "dribble with your feet". Parker then tried bouncing the ball up and down with the bottom of his foot, trying to bounce it like a basketball, but with his feet. It was really funny. After a little more clarification, he got it. He did great for never even watching soccer before! He even made a few goals during practice. He still can't decide if he's going to be a lefty or righty kicker.

As for me, I had my long run today. I was happy to have both my mom and Cory join me so it was fun. We were all on treadmills, which kinda sucks, but also kinda good since physically treadmills are easier for me. Mentally, it's hard for me. Treadmills are so boring!!

I was excited though because I got a foot pod to go with my Garmin. It was very interesting to see how different my pace actually is from what the treadmill says. The foot pod definitely helps with accuracy. I did a run to walk ratio of 6:1 for this run, with an average of 11:00 per mile, 3 miles total. It was a workout and I'm tired tonight!

I haven't ran this long in weeks if not months, so it felt pretty good.

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