Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holidays 2011

Christmas was filled with lots of fun this year. The kids really got into the season which made every activity and craft so special.

I already filled you in on most of our December activites. For Christmas Eve we enjoyed spending time at Cory's parents house opening gifts and eating dinner. When we got home, we left out Reindeer food in the front yard, put out some milk and cookies and got the kids in bed. Santa left lots of presents!

Callie's main gift was the Barbie Townhouse. Parker got a Leappad, but was more stoked about his "big train".

We then headed over to Uncle Randy's and Aunt Shannon's for more gift opening and hanging out. After that, we did a gift drop off at home and headed back out to my parents house for MORE gifts and dinner. It was a fun day, but boy were we pooped!

For New Year's Eve we didn't do much. We played a fun game with the kids where they got to pop a balloon each hour from 1:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. In each balloon there was a fun activity or game.

Activities included:
-Going for a walk
-Play game of your choice
-Play with art set
-Dance Party
-Hot tubbing (had to make a stop at Grammie's for this one)
-Silly String Fight
-$1 each
-Have a thumb war
-Fireworks (poppers and noise makers)

But oh no- in 1 balloon there was a chore!! CLEAN YOUR ROOM!!!! You don't want to be the one to pick that one!

Welcome 2012!!!

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