Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Updates

How is your Christmas shopping going? Mine is mostly done except for a few items. Who loves online shopping? This girl!

We've been busy with all the usual Christmas stuff. Baking, arts and crafts, singing, drinking hot chocolate, looking at Christmas lights and trying to stay warm!

We had a fun time the other day making Snowman Pizzas and making handprinted Christmas trees. The kids each have their own small (fake) trees in their rooms. They had fun decorating their own trees with whatever they wanted. Yes, Callie's is pink.
Snowman Pizza!
Callie's handprint tree

We went out to meet Santa and his Reindeer recently too. The kids aren't ready to meet Santa yet, but waved at him from a distance.

No snow yet so no sledding or snowmen. We did have 1 day of flakes, but nothing stuck. It's been in the 20's here so maybe it's just too cold to snow. Here are some pictures of the kids on the first (and only!) snow day.

Parker and Callie are at the end of basketball season and that has been a fun new experience. Callie is too embarrassed to play right now. She will wait and shoot hoops at the end of practice when everyone is not paying attention.

Parker is enjoying himself a lot. Dribbling is hard, but he's really coming along. He does a great job listening to his coach (who is Uncle Jason) and practicing fundamentals like shooting, rebounding, and getting your hands up for defense. Parker likes to wave and wink at his family in the crowd, which is funny.

We also had Parker's first Christmas program at preschool. It was ADORABLE. They sang Jingle Bells using actual bells, recited a poem, sang and did sign language to "Happy Birthday, Jesus", sang Little Drummer Boy, and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" with cute little hand gestures. Afterwards there was cake and refreshments. I was very impressed with all the hard work the kids and teachers put into the program.

Cory and I have been keeping busy keeping up with the kids and Christmas stuff. Cory has been enjoying hiking every week and hunting when he can. He had his first attempt at jerky and it was yummy.

Exercise for me has sadly taken the backburner. I'm embarrassed to say eating healthy hasn't been a priority either. My goal for this time of year was to maintain my current weight and focus on running and weight loss when the holidays are over. So far I'm maintaining so I'm trying to remember my goal and not get down on myself.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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