Friday, December 30, 2011

Funny Girl

Callie is seriously my comic relief. She is so shy and quiet in public, but at home she is totally different. She loves to dance, sing, and yell play with Parker. She really is my little, cooking, and keeping track of what everyone is doing. I thought I would share some funny Callie moments for your enjoyment.

Here's how Callie cleans her room...

Everything stuffed in the drawers...

But she's so cute with her Febreez

She sure loves using any kind of cleaner. Wonder who she gets that from?

Here's Callie when I told her to pose like a princess...

Here's how Callie puts on sunblock.

Don't trust this girl with a tube of lotion, a bottle of shampoo, or bodywash. It will be gone in 2 seconds.

Callie loves making up friends and has quite the imagination. She makes up whole stories about made-up people and it is so funny. Here are some examples of the crazy stories I hear on a daily basis.

"I have a Grandma Ella. She lives downstairs in the basement. She is in the bathroom right now because she is sick."

Callie has imaginary friends named Sharma and Sherma and they apparently are our neighbors. She says, "They talk to me through the Christmas tree!!!"

Me: "Callie you are growing like a weed!"
Callie: "yeah like an Octopus Tiger in the seaweed!"

Callie thinks my mom gets up everyday and cooks all the food for Granny's Buffet.

Callie spills someone else's drink (on accident) everyday. Seriously. Everyday.

Callie: "Mom, do you like my room?"
Me: "Yes, you have a very nice room."
Callie: "Thanks. I got it at Home Depot."

Callie calls black olives "black meatballs"

The other night while sitting at the table with Cory Callie yells, "I Love Dirty Movies!!" What every mother likes to hear!

So that's my silly girl. I hope this post brightened your day.

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