Friday, January 13, 2012

Helloooo last year in my twenties!!

Yuuuuuuuppp (that's for you Dad) it's my birthday. 29 feels GREAT! I love when it's my birthday. I'm one of those annoying people that uses the whole month of their birthday as a reason for everyone to be nice to me.

Today was a low-key day. Went to the grocery store, hit up the park and fed some INSANE birds, and went out to dinner with the fam. What a great way to celebrate. Here are some pictures of the crizazy birds at our river. These birds are trained to hunt down cars and chase people! To avoid the mental geese and below freezing temps, we fed them from the car.

I gotta say, I'm not one to want any gifts for my's right after Christmas so I usually just like some family time and I'm good. This year though, holy cow! I got some awesome presents!! Cory and his family all went in on a gift for me and got me a Kindle Fire!

I'm addicted.

My parents got me all of the below, plus a puuurrrdy case for my sweet Kindle (need to think of a name for her...)

I'm lovin' these puppies:

I'm ALWAYS cold, so these are heavenly. I'll put these on, hide out under my Snuggie, play with the Kindle...magical.

My mom also helped the kids make me a sweet pot for my patio. How adorable is this?

I got an awesome pancake pen I cannot wait to try out. The kids will love this. Who am I kidding- I will love this!! Thank you Mom and Dad!

I got some mail love too. Thank you friends/family for my cards!! I love getting mail!

So that was my bday. Lengend....wait for it....

Tomorrow will entail Parker's first day of soccer and my longest run in WEEKS...3 miles. eeeks! I am hoping the weather warms up so I can run outside. It makes all the difference for me. The treadmill sucks sauce.


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