Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Work Blahs

Everyone has bad days at work. Yesterday was one of those days for me. No one particular thing happened, but we were SO busy. Every nurse was busy. There was no one to ask for help. I was drowning and overwhelmed.

I guess nursing is hard because it's just such a negative field. Patients are crabby for the most part- and rightfully so- they are sick and who wants to be at the doctor? You are probably fighting a cold yourself because of all the germs. You're coworkers are practically begging for your help because they are so behind. You are so behind, but you feel like you need to say "yes! I will help you!" Because you are a nurse and you want to help EVERYONE! You are a middle man between the patient and the doctor. The doctor is annoyed with the non compliant patient. The non compliant patient is mad at the doctor. You are stuck in the middle. I guess that's why the burnout rate for nurses just after 2 years is 58%!!! That is bad. I'm coming up on year 7.

Now don't get me wrong, somedays I like my job. The patients are polite. The doctors are on time. My coworkers are happy. Yesterday was just not one of those days.

I walked in the door from work, saw my family and just started crying. I didn't want to. I was just so drained, I couldn't help it. Sorry- I'm a cryer! They immediately made me smile and forget about all my work blahs. They always make me laugh.

Cory took us out for dinner. That was sweet and made me realize where I love to be.

So as I get ready for work this morning, I already have knots in my stomach over all the work I know that is sitting on my desk. I will get through this day! My family will get me through this day!!

Work Blah's SUCK!

Okay, my vent is over.

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Melissa said...

((Hugs)) Sorry you had such a bad day. You are a great nurse. As Tupac would say...keep your head up. You can always retire early and hang out with me :) Love ya!