Friday, February 1, 2013

Gettin' Outta The House

Mother Nature must have heard me complain and blessed us with a beautiful day yesterday. We went to the park, rode bikes, played Frisbee, and ran around a baseball field. Well, Parker did. I had to push Callie in a stroller while she wore her PJ's and was wrapped in a blanket. Oh, did I mention she forced me to let her bring a pillow and pretended she was asleep the whole time? Girl don't like the cold. She gets it from her mama.
We've also managed to find some other activites to do around town. We hit the open gym at the local gymnastic facility, we cruised the park and looked at all the birdies, and went to one of their friend's hockey practices. Parker starts a new basketball team tomorrow and I'm going today to sign both kids up for a bowling league. The kids are super excited!

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