Sunday, February 3, 2013


Did you sign up for Katie's February Challenge?

I did! Today's topic is "Exercise" so before stuffing my face at my parent's superbowl party, my mama and I went to the gym to hit the treadmill. The original plan was to go jogging or hike Badger again, but we scratched that with weather like this:

We decided to walk fast at a high incline today. I stayed at a 6% incline for 30 minutes. I was SO tired! I burned more calories walking at an incline than running, which I was pretty surprised about. Here were my ending "treadmill stats": 1.83 miles, 30 minutes, and 233 calories burned. Success!

Afterwards, I was STARVING and I was so ready to eat up all the yummy snacks my family made. Salt and vinegar wings, jalepeno poppers, feta dip, artichoke cheese dip, chips, french dips, dessert pizza, and KFC...YUM! My tummy kinda hurts though!

Now, let's see how my weekly weigh-in goes tomorrow....

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