Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We've been swabbed.

Thank you for reading all about Ronan from my previous post. That kid sure touched a special place in my heart. Well Cory and I did sign up on the bone marrow registry and our little packets arrived!
Me, the nurse, was a little confused by the packet. Huh? Q-tips? In my mouth? That can't be right! But after I put on my smart-girl glasses, I figured out that yep- it's that easy!
MMMMM!!! Cotton tastes good!!!!
I think you get extra points for not brushing your teeth before swabbing. At least I hope so! For Cory's sake anyway. But really, from what I understand (from my extensive wikipedia search) it takes about 2 months from when you send in the swabs to actually being put on the registry. So who knows, maybe one of us could give someone out there an amazing Christmas present!

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Melissa said...

I have my official bone marrow donor card! Wait til you get yours! It's awesome! :)