Monday, September 10, 2012

Be a Rockstar Like Ronan!

Did anyone watch the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon on TV the other night? Well Ms. Swift sang a song that nearly broke my heart. Take a listen HERE. At the end of the song, this adorable little boy's picture came on the screen.
I ended up googling the song to find out more about this beautiful little boy named Ronan. He reminded me of Parker with his sweet eyes and smile. Surely everything turned out okay and the lyrics were wrong. No way this handsome little man died. I came across where Ronan's amazing mom, Maya, blogs about finding out her son has neuroblastoma, going through treatment, and ultimately Ronan's death. She still blogs today and is on a mission to kill cancer and keep her son's memory alive. I read Maya's blog from start to current over the next 2 nights. I bawled. I am still crying, thinking about Ronan and how unfair it is his mom doesn't get to hold him, touch him, watch him grow. Cancer sucks!! On their blog, there is a section called How to Live Like a Rockstar that is inspiring and touching. I don't know how you could read this blog and not want to do something. Anything. One of the ways to "live like a rockstar" is to register to become a bone marrow donor, which is something I've always wanted to do. So guess what? I did it. I registered today. I think Cory's gonna do it too and that's awesome because Cory HATES anything medical-related (except his hot nurse wife).
So check out Rockstar Ronan and visit to register to become a donor. It's SUPER easy and you could save a life of a little child like Ronan. If you are ages 18-60, they want you to join the fight! Do it now!

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Melissa said...

Bawled listening to the song, don't know if I can handle reading the blog yet! Way to get spread awareness of getting on the marrow registry! It's something simple you can go to possibly save a life!