Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camping and Baseball in Seattle

This last weekend Cory, the kids, and I all went camping to Dash Point State Park with Cory's family. Trek had a baseball tournament so it was the perfect time to get away, camp and check out some baseball. By the way, google Trek Stemp..he's an amazing baseball player from this area and we are super duper proud of him.

We kinda started off the trip on a bad foot. Parker was diagnosed with an ear infection/possible sinus infection the afternoon before we were to leave. Poor guy. This was my first experience with an ear infection with one of my kids. It sucked.

So off we went with a very crabby kid out into the woods. The actual roadtrip went very well. The kids slept most of the time.

We hit the beach where Parker held his first crab. Wasn't scared at all. Callie wanted no part of it.
While walking to the beach we found this really cool tree that had fallen and was totally hallowed out. It looked like a giant tree slide! Cory took each of the kids down it.
The next day we went to a baseball game, where the kids just wanted to run around and play. After the game we hit the beach one more time before going out to dinner with the fam and heading over to Greg and Jean's house.

We were tired at the end of the day and Parker was actually mostly in a good mood. That made things much easier! Both kids slept through the night for some much needed sleep. The next day we packed up camp and headed to another baseball game before heading back to the good old Tri-Cities.

Some older kids at the game caught a little garden snake, killed it, and left it by the bleachers. Parker thought it was the coolest thing ever. Callie let out a little scream everytime Parker touched it, but eventually she poked it and ran. The kids thought the snake was "sick" and needed to wwarm up in the sand. This would surely make him feel better. They buried it and it was time to go.

We got home late on Sunday and getting my booty up for work on Monday was tough! I didn't exercise at all while out of town and ate like crap. I'm oretty disappointed in myself. Parker has completed his ear drops and all is well in our world again.

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