Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

How was your 4th? Mine was a good time. I think I gained 48 lbs, but oh well!

Cory and my Dad always have talked about having a cook-off on their grills. These boys are serious about BBQ'in folks! So on the 4th, the guys had a "pre cook off" to work out some kinks before the real judgement day. Everything was great and I think it was called a tie...for now!!

The kids had a good time playing with their cousins and watching the adults light off some little fireworks. They love those snap it things the most. Some of the kids enjoyed the booms more than others...

On the actual 4th of July, my parents and I took the kids down the the Columbia River 4th of July "Festival". This event is held every year down at the park and is actually not very cool. There are a few food booths, bounce houses, and crummy bands singing. That's it. People sit around all day in 95 degree weather to watch the 10 minute firework show at 10 pm. I sound like a Independence Day scrooge!! We basically went down to eat the yummy fatty foods and take the kids on a train ride. We couldn't wait to hit the pool the next day!

That night, we headed up to the top of Cory's workplace and sat on the roof with the whole family. You can see all 3 cities firework shows from up there, it's very close to home, and there is no fighting the traffic or crowds. Don't have any picture from that..don't know what happened there..

We were pooped afterwards, but it was fun. How was your 4th?!

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Melissa said...

Those pictures of Brady crack me up! They definetly sum up his fourth. haha!!