Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Plans and some DIY projects

Hi All! Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!! Parker is becoming my personal photographer.

Tomorrow is the March for Babies down by good old Columbia River. It's a 6 mile walk. As you know, my plan is to run the first 3 miles and do what I can for the second half. My goal is to finish in 90 minutes or under. Go Team Supreemie!!

Other than that, our plan is to do some home projects because, well, right now, pretty much every room has something going on that needs a'fixin'. Our kitchen looks like this:

A whole bunch of randomness but mostly needs mouldings and light fixtures. We still don't have hardware on our cabinets.

Our downstairs looks like this:

We're going for the cabin look, but right now it looks like a scary shack!!

Our bedroom looks like this:
Oh yes, we love a little NiHao Kailan in our day. But really, I seriously cannot believe we have lived here for a year and a half and we haven't even touched our bedroom. It's just a mismatch of bedding- no paint. Not even a single picture up. Sad!
So yes, I have a TON of stuff to keep me busy for the rest of the year!!

On Sunday, depending on how sore I am, I plan to hike Badger again. Seems to be becoming a Sunday ritual.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. What are your plans? Do you have lingering home projects? What are your weekend rituals?

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