Friday, May 13, 2011

No Weigh May Update

I'm a week and a half into "No Weigh May" and so far, it sucks. I've cut myself off from the scale completely and have no clue what my weight is this month. Aaaahhh! It's killing me!!

I've had a lot of temptation so far and I've been a good girl. First off, I work at a Dr's office. That means there is a big fat scale sitting there winking at me all day. I get to weigh other people, but not myself. No fair. No one at work knows about my no weigh rule so it would be so easy. On day, I even emptied my scrub pockets and stood in front of the thing. But the guilt ate me alive. I went back to my desk like a sad lil pup.

Secondly, I found the scale people. That's right. This guy got busted.

It really was a good hiding spot but I came across it on lovely evening. I begged Cory to let me just jump on real quick. I told him no one would know and it would be our little secret. But no. He wouldn't go for it. Instead he's hidden it again. If only I had some Yankees tickets or some Jack Daniels to bribe him...

So my challenge continues..

I did get to toss out all my size 12's though, so I'm pretty happy about that! I even fit into a pair of size 9's!! Now I'm wishing I didn't get rid of all my pre-pregnancy clothes awhile back while in the midst of a tearful tantrum I was having about my weight. You know the kind, having that lump in your throat while looking at yourself in the mirror thinking, "REALLY?! This doesn't fit me anymore? These were my fat pants! I have nothing to wear!! I'm gross!!!" Then bagging up all your clothes in defeat and lighting them on fire in the middle of your front yard. Oh, just me?

If you joined No Weigh May, how is your challenge going?


MrsQ318 said...

I had to break my No Weigh May just once the other day, but I needed to weigh our dog for the airlines he is about to fly with. Other than that, I have been good. Plus, I left on my shoes and everything when I did weigh him, so I still don't really know my weight.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I love this idea! I weigh myself more than I probably should. Stay strong!!

The Knowltons said...

Yay Cory for sticking to his guns and yay for size 9!! You don't need to worry about the scale-you are thinner every time I see you. I'm proud of ya sis!