Friday, May 20, 2011

I can breathe again...

What a rollercoaster of emotions today has been. I would first like to take a moment to thank everyone for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for Parker. His recovery over the last 24 hours has been remarkable. The power of prayer along with this kids will is amazing!

This morning Parker wasn't complainging of pain at all. He was able to put a small amount of weight on his right leg, which was a huge improvement. When trying to walk, he was still falling. It was like the whole leg was just giving out from under him and that's the only time when he would cry out in pain. As the day went on, he was crawling around and scooting on his butt. We had some errands to run, so I pushed him in a stoller, which he usually would fight and protest, but he had no problem with it today. He knew his leg was "sick". He kept saying, "I cant walk anymore" in a sad, whiney voice which totally broke my heart.

Finally the afternoon rolled around and it was time for Parker's appointment with the orthopedist. As we were getting out of the car, Parker hopped out of his carseat like always. He was standing on both feet! As we got out of the car, his leg was extremely shakey and after a few steps, it gave way. Still what a HUGE improvement!

As we waited in the waiting room to be called back, Parker was playing with the toys and taking a few steps in the waiting room. He was still pretty wobblely and fell only once. I was shocked! Parker decided he had to go to the potty and on the way out, was able to walk without holding my hand at all-completely on his own.

The doctor was very good and did a very thourough exam. He was thinking Parker probably had synovitis, but after the exam, wasnt really sure. He said kids are very hard to diagnose, because when they say their knee hurts, it could be their toe. When they say their foot hurts, it could be their hip.

So for now, we are in a waiting period. Parker has an appointment next week. The doctor said if Parker is completely better, we can cancel the appointment and just write the whole thing off as probably synovitis, or even a freak thing that happened. If he is still limping, we are to go back for further testing. The fact that he's recovering so quickly is extremely reassuring and everything will most likely be fine. The doctor said to follow Parker's lead, and if he wants to run, let him run. If he's complaining of pain, have him rest. We are to give Ibuprofen until the limp is gone. No TBall or running around until the limp is gone either.

When we got home, Parker was running in the front yard saying "I can walk!" Callie asked me to take them on a walk in the wagon (that means I do all the walking! lol) and Parker put his iron man costume on. He said he was tough and has big muscles. I guess he's pretty proud of himself!

I feel SO relieved that Parker seems to be on the mend. The sound of him walking around the house and playing with his sister is sweet music to my ears.


MrsQ318 said...

So glad that he is feeling better!!

He is WAY tougher than Iron Man. :)

Kristi said...

Glad to hear Parker is doing better. It breaks my heart when little ones get hurt. I would rather it be me then them.

Katie @ Parker Report said...

Thanks gals. I am feeling very blessed!!

MOM said...

He IS an ironman!