Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all my mama readers out there. Prepare yourself for a sappy lil post..

Here's a lovely song to listen to as you read.

My mom reads my blog, so here's my message to her. I love you Mom. You are my best friend in the whole world. I know it's corny, but it's true. Thank you for always seeing the hilarity that life brings us and laughing with me..even when sometimes the situation is kinda serious. You always can crack me up and find the lighter side. I love our little adventures. You are my biggest supporter and I know you got my back-always. I didn't truley understand all your love and commitment to me until I had children myself. Thank you.

For me, it's been quite the adventure becoming a mom. I never knew I could love someone so much before I had Parker. Then to be so blessed again with that love after Callie was born. Each of my kids have taught me something different about being a mom.

Parker was my first born. He taught me there is a greater purpose to my life outside of me. He gave me the right to be called "Mommy". His birth showed me what true love is. He loves making everyone laugh and his smile and giggle are contagious. The twinkle in his eye lights up the room. Over these last few months, he's really teaching me patience I never knew I had in me. He's a 3 year old onry boy. He's got energy to burn. He is a tough, daredevil, carefree, stubborn firecracker. In the next moment, he's holding his sister's hand. He's asking me how he can help me. He wants a hug, wants a kiss. He flashes those dimples at me and it's all over. Man, I'm in trouble.

Callie is my daughter. I was scared when I found out I was having a girl. Could I handle it? Girls are so emotional, sensitive, dramatic. Girls become teenagers that say the meanest things. I know. I was one. But as Callie is growing up, I see why having a daughter is such an amazing gift. Callie is teaching me how to be gentle with my words, my gestures, and my in my everday life. Callie is showing me how to be a tough cookie who takes charge of a room full of boys and not think twice. Although shy, she is never intimidated. She is strong. She is silly. She is artistic and careful. She is a free spirit, yet responsible. Her imagination is charming. Callie tells me I'm her best friend. I know to a 2 year old, everyone is her best friend, but geez, that melts my heart everytime. I hope we can share the bond my own mom and I share.

Being a mom is frickin' hard. I always knew I wanted to be nothing more than a mother, but never expected how insane this ride would be. I'm only about 4 years into it and wow- I can't believe how different I thought it would be- but in a good way. I never imagined I could feel 2 contradicting emotions so strongly at once until my 2 babies came into the world: Total frusteration, yet total enchantment. Overwhelming weakness, yet suprising strength. Wanting to cry, wanting to laugh. Thinking to myself, "I've got the most uncertain, vague, precise, definite plan in the world. Wait. What?"

The biggest surprise has been how fleeting time is. People warn me. "Enjoy it" they say. Now, I understand. They are mothers. They know too.


Mom said...

Thanks....make me cry on Mothers day! You are my hero, Katie Scarlett! You are everything I hoped you would be! Love you when are we going to the casino???

The Holt Family said...

So sweet! Love it.